Pudelwohlfuhl Surprise

Beautiful, tasty and fragrant the crate for small moments of wellbeing in everyday stressful Unterschleissheim, 3 April 2013 – for quite some time the Wohlfuhlerie is successfully placed, where we actually regularly a moment to give us: in terms of well-being. High-quality products and especially loving service have already secured a permanent place in this niche innovative startup. Monthly nice things to the poodle well-being with the well-being feeling box, highlight new and anointed immediately to the client’s favorite product, the Wohlfuhlerie now succeeded, to supplement even the last missing element for the perfect wellness moments: the surprise effect. Because what is, is still shrouded in mystery when ordering! Only thing that is clear is that the content consists of well-being feel products around the senses. For example, pampering and caring for the skin like bath truffles body butter, but also warming or fluffy with decorative accessories, jewelry or home accessories is for the eyes combined. Is delicious for your taste buds to find as well in the box and there is something even the nose – fragrance accessories, sachets, scented candles – something around good perfumes is always with. And also the ears to relaxing music or an exciting history can look forward! It is known during the purchase only that the products are used high-quality and comfortable feel tested.

Again a new box? Clearly distinguish the well-being feeling box want to from the current boxes delusion through the exclusive products as well as the very individual composition. No tens of thousands sold beauty box is our well-being feel box. Our Pudelwohlfuhl-surprise no “here-can I cheap something-test”-collection. We do not buy 5000 pieces per product and distribute them on perfectly decorated boxes or for days to negotiate with dealers to get donated 10,000 samples, which we then sell as box. In our hand is done. Lovingly, the products most small retailers and manufacturers are selected individually, each Good feel box is packed with carefully.”so the statement about the philosophy of the box in the shop.