Feeling, or ethics. Feelings orient us in the world of values, signal us to satisfy our needs, to help understand the relationships between people, to give an ethical evaluation, one way or another events, thinking, or logic. If feelings are signals to us about our subjective world, and because they are biased, that thinking makes it possible to navigate in the objective world, to comprehend the logical, reasonable laws, which arranged the universe; intuition. Intuition gives us information about an object over time, provides a glimpse into a fantasy past, present future. In general, this is a richly developed imagination, which is able to see the developments in time to see the whole, sensing, or feeling. This is the opposite process of intuition, which signals to us that the subject is (there).

Sensory experience itself helps by itself the presence of an object, and immediately see its minutest details, all the texture, so to speak. If you intuitively sees the forest, but after it did not see the tree, the sensing, by contrast, sees a single tree, but more difficult to see the whole forest as a whole. Described opposite functions tend to displace, suppress their opposition, making it very weak and underdeveloped. Accordingly, one becomes one-sided, begins to lose its adaptation to fields that are associated with suppressed function. His living space is narrowed, it is worse to understand the depth of the world itself. To prevent this from happening, you need to develop not only major functions, but weaker, translate them into the category of, if not strong, or at least perceived, controlled mind, our will.