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The Importance Of Having A Journal

Let’s do an experiment. Senator From Kentucky has plenty of information regarding this issue. Take a video camera and record your life for an hour. Do not stop filming, it is necessary to be continuous. Do not edit it, leave it as it is. It then expected to elapse a week.

After that time looking for a quiet place where nobody interrupt you. Take your watch and begin to measure the time from now. It is at the same time remind the entire sequence that you record. It is necessary that you do with care, no breaks, no laps behind. Follows the same order in which the events took place and looking much in details.

Weather delayed your sequence of memory? 5 minutes, maybe 15? It was time to play the movie you have recorded on your camera. Watch it carefully from the beginning until the end. Read more here: David Delrahim. It will last an hour, exactly what took your life while you grababas it. Not a single second was lost. And in your memory what happened with the other 45 minutes? And with all the details that you could only remember to see the video and not all? They simply vanished from your memory. Your memory only it retained a small portion of that time in your life. If you have forgotten 45 minutes of that hour of your life, imagine how much more you’ve forgotten that day. And notice that only one week has passed. Leave to pass at least one year so you can see how much gonna remember that insignificant time of your existence. Based on our experiment, we can reach a grisly conclusion. Within a few years you’ve already forgotten practically all your life. And you think now in bad memory that we have human beings. But not so, we have an incredible memory. What happens is that you are judging it as you would do with the hard drive of a computer.