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Living Life well

To live are a factor of much complexity, are not enough to be conceived to be able to live We grow, age e, consequently die this we are the preset standard but, today we are lost utopia therefore, drugs, AIDS, slaughters, bullets, etc (factor violence). Obesity high pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, etc (factor that we ourselves are the culprits). Many human beings live as can and others live as want You are where side? To live is not only to wake up and to leave its life to pass without taking an initiative and, so little to search the happiness. We are born to be happy, for this, have that to trace goals and to search them. He tries to be different, he looks for to never make its history and either an object, mainly of nobody To live backwards happiness and misfortunes but, he learns with them, he grows! If he does not torture, with resentments and hurts, he pardons, one remembers who was JESUS and of all the caused and committed injustices. Here, David Edlin expresses very clear opinions on the subject. He knows that you it is only the responsible one for its life and its destination, being a terror or esplendor key, knows to take care of it! It looks for to find solutions for its problems in you yourselves, never gives up its dreams It is loved, it wanted to change something, a defect for example, that it does not please to it. Alive of the best possible form, it tries to be happy, it tries to move, so that can live better, to mainly make its next people who we love and we coexist happy.

Central Brazil

The local relief is visibly plain and of low susceptibilidade to the sped up erosion, to the excesso of a small rise where if it finds affixed a communications tower. The ground offers low permeability of pluvial waters, favoring its concentration, in form of small lakes and lagoons appropriate sazonais, creating still, conditions for the development and proliferation of illnesses associates the backwaters, harmful to the health human being. The vegetation meets degraded by the action of the deforestation and the fire visibly, with harmful consequences for the superficial draining and the quality of its waters. The local climate is classified as tropical rainy with average temperature of the month most cold superior 18C and of the month hottest superior 25C. You may find that celebrity trainer can contribute to your knowledge. The variation of the climate presents a dry period between autumn and winter and a rainy period in the months of the spring and the summer. In the dry period, the total average rain index is of 38,8 mm in the city of Porto Velho in the June month.

In relation the fauna, the region delimited for the rivers Madeira and Beni the West, Amazon to the North, Tapajs the East and for the open pasture of Central Brazil to the South, is considered one of ' ' Centers of Endemismo' ' for the forest species of the Amaznia, according to studies based on the distributions geographic of birds, lizards and butterflies. This means that the region possesss endemic animal species of this part of the Amaznia. To broaden your perception, visit Rand Paul. The representative endemic species are the primates, cujubi, the gut and araari. A center of similar endemismo is delimited to the South for the river Wood, collates it the North with the river Solimes and extends the West to it until Peru. In the same way that the previous one, this region marks the limits of the distribution of some endemic species.

Textile Manufacture

The drawing technician in the textile manufacture Thas Alessandra Pfluck SUMMARY This study it deals with the importance of the drawing technician in the textile manufacture and as the use of a correct planning is essential since the conception of the idea in any project that if carries through to get a satisfactory result. One searched in summary to explain as the drawing is used in the world of the fashion and as form of communication in any part of the world, as well as its historical context. Word-key: Drawing Technician. Fashion. 1 DEVELOPMENT 1,1 Description the drawing still appeared in Daily pay-history, when ' ' the prehistoric men reproduced real objects or beings in the walls of cavernas' ' (HE HISSES, 2011).

According to author still, for the Egyptian and Mayan peoples, the drawing was more realistic and in the writing possua more detailing. As the humanity also went evolving the writing improved itself, appearing the alphabet and the drawings that if were similar to the photograph. thus, Appears the first drawings technician, for return of the Renaissance. But, in accordance with historical registers, the first use of the drawing technician consists in the album of drawing of the Bookstore of the Vatican, in the year of 1490, the tracer Giuliano de Sangalo already used plant and rise. (2011 HISS,) It hisses (2011) still comments that in century XVII, Caspar Monge (mathematician and French tracer), creates a system with the use of ortogonais projections based in the military engineering, that is capable of ' ' to represent the three dimensions of an object, with precision, in surfaces planas' '. (IT HISSES, 2011) This method is known as System Mongeano or Mtodo de Monge, and is used as methodology to guide in the language technique of the drawings, being excluded the artistic expression. was in the Industrial Revolution (between sc.

Mathematical Modeling

Vilma Candida Bueno Frederico Da Silva Kings This article makes analyzes of the education method Mathematical Modeling in classroom, from the study of Mini-Course that deals with the creation of a model that later will have to be applied in the resolution of problem that it originated. The important result of the mini-course was the enthusiasm of the participants when seeing the didactic potentialities that can be lived deeply in the education of the Mathematics with it assist of the Mathematical Modeling in the classrooms 6,4 Mathematical Modeling in the Classroom? Cerqueira Jonei Barbosa This article presents some theoretical ideas on Mathematical Modeling in the classroom. Giving to emphasis the partner-cultural aspects, relating modeling with the idea of problem by referring in the reality. Moreover, the author argues the integration of this environment of learning in the resume. 6,5 Mathematical modeling: a proposal of possible education in the Public School? Nzio Carminati Luiz the article to tell the experience of professors of State net of the Paran, participants of the Course of MM in classroom.

The analysis of this project of MM applied by professors of the State of the Paran takes the author to conclude that the use from the process of Mathematical Modeling in classroom it must suffer some alterations. 6,6 Mathematical modeling: what it is? Why? How? Cerqueira Jonei Barbosa This article, displays some theoretical ideas on Modeling in the perspective of the Mathematical Education. Using examples of classroom and placing emphasis on partner-cultural aspects, Modeling is related the problems by referring in the reality. The integration of Modeling in the pertaining to school resume also is argued. 6,7 Modeling in the Mathematical Education: contribution to the theoretical debate? Cerqueira Jonei Barbosa the article is story of the study of the theory Mathematical Modeling as method of study in classroom. The author to present in systemize way the sketch of the practical one of MM in classroom, with its limitations and perspectives.

National Laboratory

The adequate use of agrotxicos is one of the subjects that come attracting the attention of some segments of the agricultural sector, a time that has implications in three basic areas of great importance in the global context of the support of agriculture: the preservation of the environment, the security of the health of the users and the alimentary security (SAINTS, 2009). 1.2. Problems of study and justification our sanitary units do not possess reports that in they can give a general vision to them in what it says respect to the register of cases of acute poisonings and crnicas of people who suffer due the share of the agrotxicos and this fenmeno is ally to the fact of that the way of share of these can closely be confused with other diseases as it is the case of the tuberculosis, malaria, dermatosis, etc. According to World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS), the publications most recent esteem that it enters diligent of developing countries, the agrotxicos annually cause 70 a thousand acute and crnicas poisonings that evolve for death. at least 7 million not-fatal acute and crnicas illnesses, had to these substances (FARRIA, et al.

2007). In accordance with the National Laboratory of Hygiene of Foods and guas (L.N.H.A.A) of the Health department, in 2008 had been notified some cases of people victims of poisonings due to the borecole consumption contends residues of agrotxicos not specified. The poisonings for these substances are conditional for factors closely related with the inadequate use, the high toxicidade of some products, the lack of proteco equipment use and the difficulties in the monitoring system. still, the picture is aggravated by the low level of escolaridade in parallel with high levels of use of these products during the agricultural activity. In Moambique works carried through relative to the control of adequate use and manuscript of agrotxicos still do not exist and if they exist are sufficiently exguos.