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Central Brazil

The local relief is visibly plain and of low susceptibilidade to the sped up erosion, to the excesso of a small rise where if it finds affixed a communications tower. The ground offers low permeability of pluvial waters, favoring its concentration, in form of small lakes and lagoons appropriate sazonais, creating still, conditions for the […]

Textile Manufacture

The drawing technician in the textile manufacture Thas Alessandra Pfluck SUMMARY This study it deals with the importance of the drawing technician in the textile manufacture and as the use of a correct planning is essential since the conception of the idea in any project that if carries through to get a satisfactory result. One […]

Mathematical Modeling

Vilma Candida Bueno Frederico Da Silva Kings This article makes analyzes of the education method Mathematical Modeling in classroom, from the study of Mini-Course that deals with the creation of a model that later will have to be applied in the resolution of problem that it originated. The important result of the mini-course was the […]

National Laboratory

The adequate use of agrotxicos is one of the subjects that come attracting the attention of some segments of the agricultural sector, a time that has implications in three basic areas of great importance in the global context of the support of agriculture: the preservation of the environment, the security of the health of the […]