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Full Creative Power

First if you consciously do every day with all joy and feeling of where you come from, your full potential unfolds. You can no longer remember where is your origin, from where you’re coming from, who you are in reality, but you can make still very well aware it for you. Learn more on the subject from Rand Paul. You’re but a strong imagination. Derek the now even go, this isn’t much reach mind will. You have this experience behind you. View you once as a two-year child. See your aliveness and your light in your eyes. Feel the whole innocence of Tataendrang this being, this angel who would like to experience only joy and is infinitely curious, full.

Do you feel this lightness? You see the smile? And now comes the moment where this kid, where you have succeeded in what friends with joy over something, jubelst. You’re happy, you dance, you’re laughing, you’re yourself. No mind prevents you. So you experience passion here. You’re child with full passion, without restricting you.

Where do you get this joy and passion? It is your original nature. Unclouded. It is the nature of your soul, your origin, your multidimensionality. And now see you there, feel, look at the incredible passion combined with perfect love of your soul, you make the decision: Yes! I go back down, I want to see it, I reach the fullness, the whole thing, the big this time! I am but the creator! And I’ll remember that, when I am on the Earth, this time I will remember, with ease sogar…und then will I show me, show all, show everyone who I am! Feel what it’s about? Remember. You were so! And all this is this passion, this security, this terrific creative force within you. And you’d forgotten it yet again. Now bring it back! You can do it! Playing! Feel it, go on, leave it out! If you start the day like this and make clear decisions in this energy, they will manifest themselves. And if something gets,. what you almost can believe, send it away. To go and implement it. No longer do this many compromises and Halbherzigkeiten. Because I know that people always need impetus to enter in this firm attitude in this internal security and to move into this passion I have created 2 audiobooks that lead them back out there. A book has a different effect than reading. My voice, the music and the empathic, but also rousing energy together jedel time again create a new strength in every person. The website presents these audio books. Ralph-Dietmar Stief holistic therapist

The Medallion NavRatna

It transforms the negative influences of the planets in positive energy and transfers it to its wearer. Nine gems were taken for a Medallion to us to help us again to feel good. So the NavRatna finds its place in the confident modern of 21st century Medallion. Stress in everyday life can find the health-consciousness of society more than ever in the foreground appear to themselves to activate his power by far eastern methods as external activity or by the NavRatna – Medallion for the inner activity”, as attractive piece of jewelry. Product information: The medallion is handmade in 925 Silver and is thus unique. It is bordered with nine half – & gems. It is available from 49,-euros.

14 different models are available to choose from. For more product information at contact details: Olaf & Krisztina Welling, Steenacker 31a, 25499 Tangstedt Tel.: 04101-373262 email: good to know the Medallion NavRatna is based on the 5000-year-old Vedic astrology. In Vedic astrology, it deals with the 9 planets. “The word NavRatna means Nava” nine, and Ratna “gem. The Medallion NavRatna receives the forces through the nine planets. The gems in the Medallion absorb these forces and pass it on to its wearer.

The power of the Medallion rests on this basis. In the tradition of Vedic astrology, the Medallion NavRatna is for 5000 years, and this Locket was used already for millennia in the astrological therapy. Sun, moon, Mars, mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and the modern planets Rahu and Ketu are the nine planets in Vedic astrology. A Vedic astrologer can provide solutions for possibly a present problem. The Medallion NavRatna offers an all-encompassing universal solution. The Medallion NavRatna is particularly interesting because it combines the forces of the 9 planets and this energy for us and our body brings balance. It is estimated the astrological effects of precious stones (which are not chemically treated), all over the world. The precious stones are arranged in a specific order: in the middle of Ruby, then clockwise – zirconia, Pearl, coral, Hessonite, blue Sapphire, cat’s eye, yellow Sapphire, Emerald