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Hong Kong

BANYAN TREE LIJANG resort in Lijiang offers a number of specialized procedures for rejuvenation and recovery of the organism. Men will enjoy the program, Vigour, which in addition to the standard procedures include massage, facials and shaving, and women should always try to massage and wrap program Cherish. One of the best SPA-hotels China – […]

Eternal Spring of Hainan Island

The southernmost territory of China – Hainan Island, China is the only island where there is an eternal spring. The traveler will always find in Hainan clean healthy air, sunny and warm (average temperature 24oC, water – 26) 300 weather days a year. Apart from Taiwan – "South Sea", as translated into Russian Hainan – […]

Recreation and Iron Age

It's true, look out for! Ukok plateau – it is not permanent. The weather in this location is variable and capricious: a few minutes ago to clear skies were no clouds, and suddenly the sky veiled clouds begin dozhdina. Therefore, if you wish to visit the Plateau Ukok, expect anything. In the corner of the […]

Exotic Vacations: Relaxation

We invite you to plunge into the unknown, mysterious, exotic world. Tours to exotic destinations are ideally suited for the sophisticated traveler who has visited all major countries and want to discover something new, as well as adventurers, whose mysterious faraway countries attract more traditional tourist destinations. The desire to visit exotic destinations is easy […]