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Crystal Youth

Israeli manufacturers of cosmetics DeSheli created two unique series for intensive care and effective treatment of facial skin: Crystal youth pro age for young men and women 35 years and Crystal youth anti age for older men and women. This provides personal approach to your beauty and your health. Thanks to its special technology of “intelligent crystals”, which can detect skin problems and restore its natural properties, the skin is updated 24 hours day. Contact information is here: singer. Series Crystal youth pro age series Crystal youth pro age is aimed at two main areas: the struggle with the problems inherent in young skin, and preventing the aging process, helps prevent wrinkles. At the age of 35 all skin problems can be solved by deep cleansing and intensive moisturizing and nutrition.

That’s why this series is enriched with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which can increase the elasticity of the skin, giving a healthy uniform appearance and natural shine. In a series of Crystal youth pro age includes the following beauty products: Cleansing Lotion, Purifying Mud Mask, Tonic to restore the balance of the skin, Daytime moisturizer SPF 15 Moisturizer Eye Gel, Nourishing Night Cream, Active liposome gel, firming anti-cellulite gel. Means a series of Crystal youth pro age can be used to 19 years depending on skin condition and up to 35 let.Protsedura Recommended by conducting procedure to use cosmetics series Crystal youth pro age in the order in which they are described below. Photon-ultrasonic apparatus used in conjunction with Kliaton active liposomal gel and has an effect on drugs such as moisturizer Day (or Night nourishing cream) and Active gel.. Learn more at: Tiffany Espensen .

Sensitive Skin

Each girl whose sensitive skin, knows how much trouble it brings. Problematic is the choice of caring for the skin and makeup. After all, no means no makeup should not cause allergy. Of course the huge market of cosmetics you can find the means to care for sensitive skin, but they do not always meet expectations. Even at the expensive "elite" cosmetics allergy may occur, or dehydration of the skin. A good choice are the professional cosmetic line that not only will have a calming effect, but also therapeutic.

Of course they cost a bit more expensive than a well-publicized mass market. Professional tools is best to book through the online cosmetics store with delivery in Moscow, get cheaper than buying at a specialty store. The main parameters on which you should choose whatever means for sensitive skin – is: they should not have sharp, strong odor. They must include caring and moisturisers to help prevent dryness and peeling of the skin, as well as it will further feed. Facial scrub should have a man-made exfoliating beads. They may contain oil, or a tonic for the skin. Artificial exfoliating particles will not damage the skin, and carefully and gently remove keratinized skin cells. Face masks – thick and creamy, too, odorless, and with extracts of herbs and different oils and minerals that make up the lack of moisture in the skin, as well as help her recovery.

Their better to use 2 – 3 times a week. Lotions necessarily without alcohol, that would not cause dryness of the skin, otherwise it can begin its dehydration. Remember that sensitive skin can not be left without proper care. Better overpay for a little cream or lotion, but be assured that they will not make your skin worse.