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Asbestos is one of the most sadly known materials in the construction sector for its high degree of toxicity for our body, having been used as insulation material in it until well into the 1990s. As a result of exposure to the same, tens of thousands of workers in the world are affected by diseases really devastating for their health, such as lung cancer or call asbestosis. Here we will focus on one of them: the Mesothelioma. What is this disease? Is a form of cancer that is caused when tiny particles or fibers of asbestos, which are suspended in the air in environments in which you work with this material; they are assimilated through respiratory activity, breaking through to the pleura, a tissue that surrounds the lungs. Go there, generating malignant cells that divide and multiply, damaging the surrounding tissues, and can even get to spread to other parts of the body. There is currently no cure for this disease, whose development takes place gradual but steady (for years) so when the person exposed continually, usually for employment reasons, the material, also known as asbestos. Thus, a precise exposure to material would not be dangerous.

What really carries the risk is continued with the same contact. What are your symptoms? If you’d worked for a good part of your life in the construction sector, employing this so harmful material, should assess if you show any of the signs denoting the development of mesothelioma, among which are: respiratory problems and hoarseness. Pains in the chest, abdomen or back. Blood in cough. Weight loss. Muscle weakness.

Who have a higher risk of developing the disease? As mentioned previously, are the workers who carry out their functions in the construction sector, broadly, those who present greater risk of development of the same. Thus, for example, this has been demonstrating on employees who develop demolition activities, systems of heating and ventilation, work carpenters or electricians engineers. Claim for mesothelioma is simple development determine that the origin of your disease is in the activity that you develop in the work. And having had some kind of protection, such as masks, in any case I have seen you affected in this way by the same. Thus, it may be deemed that evil which you suffer is the result of the passivity of your company when provide you media that enable you to perform your work without the risks that could arise from the same. In other words: your damage stemmed from poor risk prevention measures implemented by your superiors. This originates in your favor right to claim a compensation for irreparable and incurable damage that you have suffered.

Buddhist Styles

After much drinking Eight Immortals came them to test his powers, which managed to provoke a fierce Ocean storm. The Crystal Palace from the bottom of the sea, residence of the Dragon King, Lord of the waters, tambaleo losing the prevailing peace. On these two traditions, the Buddhist and the Taoist, settled the martial forms of the drunk that later developed in the different styles of Kung Fu. Within the Choy Li Fut style, kept the two cultural heritages with two forms: the drunken Buddha shape and shape of drunken Eight Immortals, the first being the principal and one of the most secretly saved by the old masters because of the deadly power that granted to their executioners. Way of the Phoenix eye of the drunk or, simply, the drunk fist way is also called. The name given by the coup that most uses, Phoenix eye fist comes. Training today forms of the drunk are ignored in many schools and styles of Kung Fu, have therefore been lost for them. In styles that Yes are kept, such as Choy Li Fut, are considered within the more advanced forms and are not always taught.

This fighting style goes beyond mere performance, since the State of mind of the martial artist mentally influences in each movement, this series of movements must emerge from a free, fluid, relaxed and natural way. Postures should never be overstated, emphasize too or be overly artificial, because otherwise they would seem forced and even clumsy. All movements should not be run at a steady speed. The effectiveness of this simulator game is make the adversary is entrusted and hide the possibility of a mortal blow, the closeness of a grip that unbalance you or immobilize him or the possibility of some especially sensitive nerve pressure. In short, the highest execution of Kung Fu’s the drunk is reached when the artemarcialista internalizing the role that represents and not limited by fixed in body movement patterns. What will never be different are the martial application of the technique and the internal power that comes to apply, subtly hidden under the forms, and which are the result of many workouts. Prof.

Dante Chalco Vargas

Consequences or risks that we can cause are those that assumed Esteban: raised disputes. His enemies are solivianto against him. He suffered false testimonies of people bribed by his enemies. It unleashed, unintentionally, violent passions. He was accused, falsely, of blasphemy against the temple and the law. He was accused of saying things he never said.

Finally they stoned him, dying, unreasonably and unfairly. I have a feeling that many Christians yearn for the qualities of those who deliver life by faith in Christ but are not willing to make such delivery nor much less to suffer the consequences. It’s just a feeling. Also I’ve seen heroic Christians who are delivered each day. In any case, is the point that is where we find ourselves, we have living examples of those who were our brothers in the past and what are at present, these being, constant source of genuine inspiration. Act in favor of Justice and truth, unfortunately, is not popular and there are few who venture with courage, courage and determination to confront its consequences.

Our current society is littered with such situations and the Christians, should be, the avant-garde to combat and eradicate. We cannot, and we must act with political situations such calculations because then we would lose our award. Our edgy behavior in the everyday events of our world, which are marked by injustice and are devoid of all truth, must be placed by us in every possible way and without any fear, naturally. We cannot see the exploitation of our fellow human beings and remain undaunted; We cannot see the execution of our fellow human beings and have only commiseration; cannot see the hunger and disease and just say: sorry; We cannot see the world sin and not fight to combat it. God will require of us our inconsistency. Christ, Stephen and many others, throughout history, cry our inconsistency when it comes to the final judgment and nobody will have justification if it is found in the sin of not committing to the cause of God. She is clear and Meridian in our christocentrism and calls us, loudly, our active and committed participation. Not import us putting your hands into the fire by love of neighbor, don’t worry about us put the chest for those who cannot do so, is never care die for Christ.

Muay Thai Opening

It is currently a discipline that has a great popularity but however it is considered more a spectator sport, which is the national symbol of Thailand and its origins as a martial art in if same and in addition this martial art was known as muay boran, I had purpose more warlike compared with its current variant the muay thai which is more sporty. Muay thai goes back to the nation of Siam (1238-1408) currently Thailand, this nation to find constantly in conflict with the Nations of Cambodia and Burma, saw the need to develop a combat system, in which be considered soldiers skills were included management of the spear, the sword and the effective use of the body as a weapon a short distance. Techniques melee included using punches and kicks with fists, elbows, head, knee and Shin and complementing them with victories. Muay thai or better said the muay boran were taught exclusively to military and government workers. During the following centuries this discipline had an evolution more competitive than combative due to a period of peace, in which the King Narai (1604-1690) becoming it this martial art practitioner professional sportsmen: meetings were held in bounded spaces, they were limited by a rope formed a square to get the area for combatthe rules were very basic to follow, could not be picketing in the eyes, grips, strain to hair, blows to the groin area and not hit the opponent on the floor. As in all martial arts there are spellings according to geographic regions, in the North of Thailand is Muay Thasao, Northwest muay korat this is characterized by force, in which a part of the training includes defeating a water buffalo in the shortest possible time, in Centre muay lobburee are smooth movements and in the South the muay sharpening steel that emphasizes postures and the defense.

National Institute

Puno, Peru (Notimex).-the 20 floating islands of the Uros, built with totora – a similar plant to the junco – and the discovery of a temple sacred, submerged in Lake Titicaca, they are the wonders shared by Peru and Bolivia. The Uros, a group of people who have built their islands that float in the highest navigable lake in the world in the region of Puno, on the border with Bolivia who feed on the Lake (fish and plants) products live in the Islands. The Uros, whose ancestors supposedly come from Polynesia, according to some research of the National Institute of culture of Peru, are called the people of the lake or Kotsuna, an ethnic group different from the Aymara and Quechua. Peruvian archaeologist Luis Lumbreras argues that this group settled on the banks of Lake Uro-Uro, which belongs to Bolivian, but they decided to stay in the Peruvian part and found refuge in the floating islands following the siege of the incas. Although they lost their racial purity they maintain the tradition of artisanal fishing, especially the carachi and silverside, when fishing is abundant preserved fish drying in the Sun, says the former director of the National Institute of culture (INC) in a study. This breed of copper faces and eyes slanted semi live on floating islands that have built with roots of the totoras, that when entering decomposition gases, produce that get caught in the tangle of roots help to flotation. Above these roots blocks, placed beds of dry reeds, on which it built its rooms with the same material. The fabric is so perfect that no they SAG and even these fishermen and hunters have already begun to use zing sheeting for roofing their homes. So wind does not take them to the Bolivian side, the indigenous Uros anchored its islands, which are within the area of Lake Titicaca national reserve, with clubs that charge the floor of the island and are nailed at the bottom.