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Carbohydrates and Metabolism

This is confirmed by research. Also a beneficial effect on teeth has corn – or rather, metaphosphoric acid, a part of it. The flowering of caries in the 20 th century coincided with the beginning of the industrial production of sugar and increase its use. It’s believed that Senator From Kentucky sees a great future in this idea. Cariogenic effect of carbohydrates is explained by the fact that their metabolism of oral cavity has the ideal conditions: a complete set of enzymes of microbial origin, and the constant (about 37 degrees) temperature, humidity, almost neutral pH. Suffice it here to add a substrate – simple carbohydrates, and cleavage reaction begins to develop rapidly. Proteins, fats and complex carbohydrates to metabolize not able, as in the mouth for them there is no corresponding enzymes that could activate the reaction. Processing carbohydrates ends with the formation of organic acids – lactic and pyruvate, which are split tooth enamel. However, here we should say that the carbohydrates found in vegetables and fruits, tend to hinder the development of caries.

Therefore, if possible need to replace sugar in other sweet-tasting items that do not contribute to the development of caries. It should also be possible to use fewer sweets, especially it concerns children. According to statistics, each person eats in a year to an average of 47 kg of these products. You must also get rid of the habit eat sweets before bedtime and between meals because they are composed of adhesive and viscous substances that linger long in the mouth. Enough to eat cake or candy, as the increased concentration of sugar will remain there for 20-40 minutes.

Teeth Myth

'All doctors, the same evil, and therefore must seek to cheaper'. It would be like to say that all athletes are equal, or that all the trains run on the same route. People in general are different, each person unique. The art of a doctor depends on many factors: the place where he received his education, how many years of experience has, as far as he is decent man, etc. The term 'specialist' does not carry the semantic load in phrases 'Cobbler – a specialist from Vienna,' or 'massage therapist – an expert on chocolate massage.

" 'Expert' – it is the same degree or title, as a doctor, engineer, architect or lawyer, for which you want to learn and get a degree Specialist. Professional excellence physician in all developed countries assessed, depending on whether it has a specialist degree. 'Expert' – is the highest clinical degree, accessible to physicians. The title of 'specialist' acquires a doctor who graduated after diploma courses ranging from 2 to 5 years, depending on the type of specialization from an accredited university. For example, according to the laws of Western countries to university had the right to issue professionals and have a faculty of the profession, he should have at least 3 professionals and one professor. This means that the primary staff for this department must come from abroad. In that case, if these high school requirements does not comply, he released impostors, and he is not. This is easily seen, asked in what countries adopted a medical degree of a country.

Normally prices of specialists is 2 times higher than that of physicians not experts, but also the quality of treatment and, accordingly, the result is much better. Need to choose a specialist doctor. If health savings, you can not live up to the next save opportunity.