Creativity Each Day


Beaver River

3. Beavers cut firewood. Start out standing on legs shoulder width apart, arms at the castle. 1 – hands up over your head, 2 – bending forward. 5-6. – Shouted the Beaver River from Bear: I Kohl wood for the stove, give me, Misha, only time – from the chimney will smoke. 4. And the […]

Sound Insulation

Interpreters – translators are oral translation, called the simultaneous interpretation. There is another type of oral translation and interpretation – consecutive interpretation when the specialist recreates speech speaker in the target language at the moment of silence to speak out. Obtained as follows: first, the interpreter listens and analyzes, and then pronounces the translated and […]

Religion, Health and Happiness

With the collapse of the Soviet Union and the weakening of control over the mentality and social activities of its former citizens in Russia like mushrooms began to appear all sorts of sects and pseudo-cults that offered escape from the decaying country into a happy reality prarallelnuyu. Proposed sects life was filled with vivid ideological […]

The Infantile

To play is the representation in acts, through the symbolic game, the first one possibility of thought properly said, marking the ticket of a sensrio-motor intelligence, based in the five felt and the motricidade, for a postoperative representative intelligence (material and intuitiva) mediated by subjective symbols, way for the construction of the operatria intelligence mediated […]