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Creative In Your Own Four Walls

With the latest technology creatively within your own four walls true creativity requires, that it is not based on existing stories and truths, but embarks on a journey of discovery. In other words, the best artists are able to think outside established trends. If you try just a little bit of photography, illustration or graphic design, you must design generally no new concept is the most important, that one is his hobby with gusto. Thanks to modern technology, less creative people can operate creatively within your own four walls, assuming they have a little support. You enjoy photography? Good. Get a multi camera and shoot anything that comes in front of the lens in your garden. Even with the simplest digital cameras can now adjust lighting, exposure time and shading. A bright black and white recording of a Fuches which runs at night through her garden, can be throughout the year make.

But don’t hesitate when pressing the shutter button, because foxes are fast. If you are looking for something higher quality tools, consider circumstances, to buy a digital SLR camera. This shows much higher quality in terms of image depth and width. SLRs are more expensive than simple digital cameras, but due to the better picture quality can be the cost into consideration. If you are more interested in graphic design, the technology helps here too, to bridge the gap between the physical and the virtual world. Tablet allows liquid connected to computer and play back the movements of the pencil on the paper.

It draws on a block and the drawing appears on the screen. So you can enjoy the free-flowing creativity in the Freehand drawing with the advantages of a graphics software using which raw designs in technikolorische masterpieces turn leave. But regardless of whether You are enthusiastic about photography or graphic you want to can keep surely your work at the end in the hands, and here color laser printers are paying off. Have let with a photo inkjet printer no longer in the laboratory to develop your photos that you can print professional photos to your computer at home. If you want to print only designs for demonstration purposes, a simple color inkjet printer ranges. The modern technology promotes the creativity of each regardless of the level of artistic ability. What better place is there to try out as the familiarity of the own four walls? Karoline Sanam

Genesis TheFogSystem

Mist and fog systems by the type of fog system as an art object in the realm of the senses the interior design in the art and architecture form a challenge for users of fog systems. The results are spectacular, however, with a guaranteed experience factor. The experience makes the difference. Fog is as an art object in free space as opposed to the rigid creative forms of classical architecture. With ever-changing contours, the interplay of wind conditions, temperature and relative humidity, the object of art again and again on the new invents himself. Depending on the daylight, the contours of water mist in different contrast levels also appear either soft and grey or sharp and bright white with pronounced shadows. The fog system offers however more: the cloud-shaped Nebula in the darkness of the night turns into a light show, provided you use proper lighting. Billions of fine mist droplets reflect the light sources and radiate in all directions.

A cloud of chromatic light shines from the Dark out and through the interplay of the contours is transformed into a lively appearance. An additional three dimensional sound makes the experience perfect. Harmoniously, contradictory, or even chaotic blend the senses, passes through a mixture of sound, light and fog. The sense of space is changed in the dense fog. Contours appear blurry, the feeling of distances and proportions disappears and the orientation is difficult, because data are missing. More, there is no clear distinction between the subject and the environment. This brought a new sense of wholeness, a good blend with the environment. You could call it a kind of fog noise.

There is no left and right more, no front or rear, no up and down, similar to a free floating in the empty space. While each of the millions of water droplets on the skin is perceived, a palpable, tingling experience, fascinating pleasantly as also unfamiliar. The air is moist, cool and still, she is somehow easier to breathe. The explanation for this lies in the negative ionization of the air, which creates an additional wellbeing. There is a kind of euphoric State, reinforced by the altered sensory perception. Be high without drugs alcohol or excessive sports (endorphins)! A fog system is always a very special experience, for everyone and without danger. A stimulation of awareness, guaranteed without side effects and free from any addiction potentials. Therefore, use more and more artists and architects fog systems for your design purposes and follow a trend that could be called to experience art and interactive art. There is a relationship between the art object and the subject of art. Fog systems are excellent for such purposes. My company, biogenesis Thefogsystem has been working for years with success with renowned artists and architects from all over the world, technically implement their creative ideas. Each fog object is unique in design and unique in the individual expression of the artist. There are Objects of art for everyone, without intellectual or elitist background. Inspired by simple media such as water, light, air and sound. Art and architecture from elemental forces with guaranteed success!