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Colombia Excelco

El Salvador Chalatenango has a huge bouquet of various flavors, in particular scent Alpine flowers with a hint of cocoa. Floral aftertaste after consuming the drink remains a long time, himself a drink has a rich and has a sweetish taste. If you properly cook coffee varieties El Salvador Chalatenango, then as it cools it will be possible to feel the taste of almonds. The second global supplier of coffee on the total is Colombia. Colombia is located in the Southern Cone of South America, on the one hand washed by the Pacific Ocean, on the other – the Caribbean Sea, the country's climate is equatorial, which contributes to growing the best varieties of coffee.

When the world's gourmets say about Colombian coffee, meant only to good coffee. More than just coffee beans prized Arabian coffee tree grown in the mountains of Colombia, the country's west. Famous coffee plantations are located at high altitude from sea level in the following cities: Medellin, Manizales and Armenia. Coffee grown on these plantations, has a mild taste and unique flavor, and has good acidity. Coffees are called at their place of growth. So kind of coffee produced in the area of the city of Armenia is called – "Armenia", a grade produced in Medellin – Medellin, and grade produced in Manizales – Manisal. These varieties are among the best.

In Colombia, the coffee beans are classified and sorted by size. So Grain famous types Supremo and Excelso have size holes in the sieve. The most common species in the world of Colombian coffee: Colombia Excelco – is one of the world's best coffees. Grow this variety on the western slopes of the Andes and the height up to 2000 meters above sea level. A distinctive feature of the coffee Colombia Excelco is its pronounced taste wine and soft, delicate fragrance. This variety works well in conjunction with any coffees. Huila Excelco – is the name of the area of its growth – Hula. Has a subtle texture and leaves a slight fruity aftertaste. Huila Excelco is one of the best varieties of Colombian coffee world famous.

Different Cuisines

Horsemeat the Crimean Tatars, in contrast to other Tatars, cooking is not accepted. But they are perfectly cooked beef and lamb, such delicious dishes as samsa, barbecue and Sarma can be found in all restaurants of the Crimea. And after the deportation of Crimean Tatars in the diet there are many dishes of Uzbek cuisine (Lagman, manta rays, rice). Incidentally the word barbecue in the Russian language has come from the Tatar word shish-face. Tatars have a festive meal and it is usually served with red wine. Greeks immigrated to the Crimea in several waves, and left its mark in its history, culture and cuisine.

Greek cuisine is distinctive and interesting. For even more opinions, read materials from supermodel. At the same time, her recipes are simple to prepare and very original. The most favorite foods in the Greek cuisine are fish and vegetables, so this kitchen is so popular in the Crimea, as fish and vegetables abound in the Crimea. Jews have lived in the Crimea for a long time. Two small indigenous people of Crimea – Krymchaks (Crimean Jews) and the Karaites (they have even one religion, Judaism).

From Jewish cuisine is now available for public sweet black Jewish bread with garlic. And from the Karaite – Karaite pies and kubete which are widely distributed throughout the Crimea. It has long been in the Crimea Armenians live. They have a Crimean cuisine dishes such as Armenian lavash flat bread that is sold all over the Crimea. However as the Georgian and – is commonplace in the Crimea. The Spaniards appeared in Crimea is relatively new in 1940 – these were the families or are orphans of soldiers Republicans, but even for such short time they managed to make a contribution to the Crimean kitchen. The Germans settled in the Crimea by Catherine ii, and they were engaged mainly in agriculture and winemaking. For example, vinsovhoz "Golden Field" was based originally as Tsyurihtal. Of the German dishes are still very popular strudel (pieces of meat or meat wrapped in strips of dough and meat broth) or the Austrian strudel with apples. The first pizza in Crimea appeared in Sudak. There she was brought Genoese merchants who built a fortress. Besides pizza, they brought in the Crimean kitchen many other Italian dishes and wines. Also a strong influence on the Crimea has Turkish cuisine, Turkish coffee served in all Crimean stores. From the confusion of so many cultures Crimean cuisine has become so diverse and original.

Meat Consumption

Milk myth and meat consumption as a national epidemic affects our food on our psyche which? In his post, Dr. Ruediger Dahlke explains different problems, often related to our eating habits in context. He informs us about the widespread myth of the milk, as well as the consumption of meat as a national epidemic. In the foreground is sheer enjoyment, not based on any foreign suffering for him. Everyone know it, constantly it preached: we are drinking much milk to intends the bones and to protect us from osteoporosis. Nothing could be wrong! The exact gegenTeil is true, little harm our bones as much as Milch(Produkte). And that is today: in countries with minimal consumption of milk such as Nigeria, osteoporosis is virtually unknown in those with the highest dairy consumption as Finland but a popular plague worse than ours. Milk is that calcium-rich, cut off more calcium than she brings him clear the organism but the bottom line.

It is almost a dangerous Calcium robbers and enemy of the bones. But not only the ES gets much worse, milk promotes demonstrably the most dangerous heart disease and that the cause of death 1. And also the second leading cause of cancer death increases significantly with increasing milk consumption. Like that, together with the realization that meat were convinced also heart disease, cancer, autoimmune problems, the diseases of age as promotes dementia and pretty much all the symptoms of civilization, modern people scare, on behalf of the meat and dairy industry Jahrzehnte long otherwise. “More about the article peace food” by Dr. Ruediger Dahlke can refer to the free PDF magazine GreenBalance under: another theme that you can also read in this issue of GreenBalance: indoor games for the cold season not only we people not like go out the door when it is outsIDE cold and wet. “Too many Hunde, especially the smaller breeds, but also more loving” races as the Rhodesian Ridgeback can be difficult for an extended Spaziergang inspired at sub-zero temperatures, rain or snow.