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Planning Human Intent

Technology plays its role of interface between human and thing to do, before giving the worker's actions in order to complete their project should be planned productivity intention or desire to do something within the context of its preparation and their integration within the macro system in pursuit of the contribution to achieve better living conditions integrals covering the environment and the like, to the extent that people are conditioned to place in the world of work, from the basic study, it induces to produce, produce and produce, this condition arises as a necessity to satisfy the market, in that same as the environment is destroyed, then, what is being achieved? If slowly destroys the environment for the welfare or improvements in the "quality of life." Homonatropia The approach seeks to enter for the purpose of reviewing the principles and reach a social agreement can include all of, and the ARH withina know the personnel management theories, better known as "X" "Y" "Z ", and acknowledging some progress in terms of human aspect is reflected in the Homonatropia Z arises concerning the nature and its vital importance, the theory" C ", the highlight of humanity which raises the Theory" Z "; emphasis on: – Cooperation – Training and training of staff – Co-management business – the conservation of nature as the only source of goods required for our existence conditions or requirements now in relation to our present and future from our dependence on nature are based on resizing the evolutionary process in order to provide a better living real, protecting nature and human beings, considerations raised by the Homonatropia, and in this particular case the Planning Human Intent, condenses on the theory "C" step to be given globally to the rescue of human dignity, nature, our values, in order to achieve social and labor system suited to future generations where they can enjoy healthier lives from the corrections that we do we have in our hands the lives of children. . Many writers such as CEO of Ford Motor Co. offer more in-depth analysis. . . Crumpton Group has plenty of information regarding this issue.