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Creative At The Tan Bars 2010

Family holidays have started for single parents, parents and grandparents with children in the Odenwald Institute colorful days of summer on the Tromm Wald-Michelbach summer holidays on the Tromm in the South Hessian Odenwald. As every year the Odenwald Institute the Karl Kubel Foundation for child and family a wide range for indoors and outdoors on games or evenings at the fire with plenty of room for Exchange, trial and error, creative,. The program thrives on diversity. All families are welcome: one-parent families, small and large families, multi generation family or grandparents with grandchildren. Steps in life make the beginning”from July 16 to 18. “Lets freshly baked parents with children aged from one to learn with their children two and a half years running”.

They know what their children and give them themselves well, as they set boundaries or deal best with despite phases playful. Then relaxing days are available from 26 to 30 July on the Tromm for grandparents and their grandchildren”on the program. Wander, play music, sing, play, and much more. In addition to common activities, separate offerings meet different wishes and needs. Often gets rid of the educational responsibility grandparents can build up an intense relationship to their grandchildren and enjoy their time without the educational stress of parents”, the headmasters of the Institute Dr. Sigrid Goder fader says.

“Life like in a multigenerational family: children and teenagers, MOM and dad, Grandma and Grandpa, aunt and uncle get the African family week” from August 3 to 8 know tradition, culture, and life of Africa. They open the day West African way, learn songs, hear stories, drumming and dancing to enjoy the West African way of life. At the same time let families in hurray, I’m an artist”their creativity with sound and color free rein. You decompose, shape, design, and marveling at the resulting works of art. In doing so they go on a journey of discovery and let mysterious nooks and crannies of the forest inspire. Evening they draw again and again from the tank silence”and at the end they can their artworks in a forest Gallery” exhibit. The actors in a large family on time live in together love learning”from August 13 to 20: live, play, grow, learn, relax, love and quarrel. A trusting atmosphere, and clear rules can be with all your senses enjoy life with lots of fun and joie de vivre. Lots of color, creativity, conversations and pulses can families of the Tan bars”in gray family day carry, which appear in November, probably at the latest. From August 8 to 13 research needs. Some of them are already on the Tromm true. Iris Letsch says in addition to the child’s and family’s wishes we want to create this time additional space for parents and couples”, by the Association family in motion E.v.” from Ludwigshafen am Rhein. She has jointly with other educators about five years ago the Tan bars”in following the training Family education”launched. “Detailed information on the family programme forum family” as well as for seminars and trainings can at the Odenwald Institute by phone at 06207 605-0 or be obtained on the Internet at. Topics and dates: Relaxing days on the Tromm for grandparents and grandchildren, 26-30 July 2010-African family week, 3 to 8 August 2010 Hooray, I’m Tan sprouts an artist, 6-11 August 2010, 8-13 August 2010 together learn love, 13 to 20 August 2010

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