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If you will be so bad, you go to search the doctor. – Only when to arrive the hour, doctor, still is early. The man put in the head that was pregnant and I did not have half of to obtain to take off that. I thought very about going to search the doctor, but I tried to solve that problem with calm. – It knows, doctor, I am thinking the entire day if he goes to be boy or girl. It finds what you that is? I would like that I was girl.

At least to visit he would come me here of time in when, also never I had one mulherzinha still. – Mr. does not have son some. – You he is that he does not know. I have four, all men, but nobody comes to see here me.

– How it is it had that you these children? – I give birth, however. Mr., who is a doctor, does not know as is that a son is born? He did not have skill. I did not find a solution for the case. He had that to call the same psychoanalyst. It would only understand of these things, but I decided to free last the cartada one. – But if you he is pregnant, its son or son goes to have that to have a father and a mother. Who Mr. if married, with a man or a woman? – That more insane person asks, seems that you it is wild, doctor. It is clearly that I was married a man. This now. I did not support and to comeceirir when it completed the phrase: – It does not see as soon as I am a woman? I almost chokeed with my proper saliva. That one homemes tava wild, completely wild. Clearly, he was wild same. Already it went leaving when it changed a little the colloquy. – But I confess that not taste very of being pregnant not, doctor. I am very ugly. The belly grows, is unskillful. It is therefore that nor I leave for there and I am almost always lying. When people it passes for the belly street, everybody looks at and of the one risinho of bad taste. Still more I who taste to take pilequinhos of time in when. Already thought pregnant I, of barriguinha and until the shoe of cachaa? He does not catch very well, n doctor? I gave a beautiful outburst of laughter and I thought, thanks to God, I obtained to botar the man to the normal one. I gave to some advice it, I caught in its hand, I fired me, went leaving calmly when it cried out: – When the baby to be born, doctor, I want that you to visit he comes me. I want that Mr. is the godfather, compadre. Soon. It went to come back the crisis again. I left running the search the psychoanalyst from there, before the such baby was born there with me, still more I that never I made a childbirth in my life and I do not understand nothing of obstetricses.

Psychosexual Maturation

It is not an easy task for the young people, with their physical changes, which are of course visible to the outside, to understand and become a part of their identity affect the primary relationships. It is just as hard but for them also, to cope with this new experience that in certain situations now suddenly sexualized aspects in the own perception of their lived relationships involved. Just when the parents in their arms they are repeatedly have fled to which they have gone if their feelings felt ubergeschwappten over where they have found a sympathetic ear and understanding where they felt at home and home, always, everything in the device. Because this home for a long time is lost with the early sexualization. Suddenly threatening feelings and sensations of perception of are triggered by people who prefer they had, because these parents are namely not gender-neutral, but also the Category man or woman belong to and so can land with this topic just just not with the parents, but must learn to solve it in itself.

There are many common situations, to a new safety in dealing with yourself and your own and finding other gender also in dealing with the endowed parent. Thank God this works in most families, without that big must be thought about. Contrary to the beliefs of many parents, the children would be with regard to the information, today because they have read various youth magazines already much further, and by hence learned, seemingly unconcerned attractiveness, sexuality and relationship for speak, I experience this in my daily work differently. We adults must allow from occurring demonstratively knowing representing not deceive us. Because, when their own development, existing knowledge about certain operations use only little.

One is the uncertainty about the novelties in the experience and feeling, the beautiful and scary, but the fearful and gloomy feelings arising therefore around, easily captured and must first of all an attitude and find a deal with. The difficult it is, that even the relationships of, where you previously reversed itself and felt at home, without having to think about. Joachim Armbrust accompany young people what teachers know if 2011 approx. 144 pages Verlag Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht Marz 12.95 ISBN 978-3-525-70121-8 with a preface by Prof. Dr. Klaus Hurrelmann Joachim Armbrust practice for psychotherapy, couples therapy, supervision, coaching, mediation, and process design Wall Street 2 74523 Schwabisch Hall Tel: 0791/71552 E-MAL: URL: