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Blood Transfusion

Then they dissected by planes into the abdominal cavity struggling with thick adipose panniculus, and roasting some rebel vessels opened the parietal peritoneum, not found any implant, as they grimly said some reports of CT scans, nor had ascites and what already imagined, to eat the aftermath of the previous laparotomy: extensive and dense adhesions, […]

Lose Weight

Swimming is one of the best physical activities if what is sought is fatty weight loss, i.e. lose weight. If you’re not used to swim, the first days our body adapts and one of the adaptations is the creation of greater muscle mass to make this exercise more efficiently. This aspect makes that that on […]

Lose Weight

If you are currently overweight and struggling to lose excess fat, it is important that you know that you are not alone. More people who never before are in the fight against obesity. With fast food restaurants every two blocks and the people involved in a more sedentary lifestyle, as a result of modern technology, […]