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Renaissance Genre

And there are those who say: it supersobytie. But I am willing to eat a lot of criticism, to check the possibility of the existence of the tragic genre in our time. " "In: Understanding would be even that such a tragedy. In principle, the life of any one of us can happen to a tragic situation – the loved one dies, betrayed lover, but this does not mean that each of us can become a tragic hero. It needs at least another scale of the individual. A: I said: I fully realize that now this hero no. Well, except that Spiderman or King Kong. And yet I may seem naive, foolish, even crazy, but I think that the Renaissance is still possible.

Moreover, in our culture is the only chance to survive. After still we are in a sort of postmodern impasse. A search of the genre, the purity of the genre – a movement towards the Renaissance. This does not mean, of course, that we should all dress in togas and speaking blank verse. " It makes sense to bring Another excerpt from the interview.

"Q: Do you let slip once that you are an atheist, but I can not think of modern writers of Russian-speaking space, the works are so often the word 'God'. A: I just mean that 'm outside theism, is the concept of peace, which involves some of God (by the way, in Buddhism there is no such idea). But I do not deny, of course, the existence of the spiritual component of life.