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Siberian Neva Masquerade

If you want your pet was in fine form, it must be remembered that not only a good diet and healthy eating contributes to this. Animals, just like people, require constant communication and attention. They, as well as at people are hurt and depressed. And it also can lead to diseases, like any virus or […]

Yuzhakov White

Smoky Yuzhakov may have white ends of the feet and the tip of the tail end of the muzzle, chest, but in this case, the less white the better. At smoky undercoat Color Class should be light gray, without any admixture of yellow or brown. With smoky Color Class can not be a white head […]

Chinese Crested Dog Feather

One option Chinese fluffy dog has a natural feeding proovolstviyami. In this case, it must be balanced and carefully chosen. Mass naked Chinese Crested Puppies For Sale Chinese crested dogs grew on naturalke. Should be added to feed the Chinese Crested dog downy different cereals: buckwheat, oats, Fig. Vegetables should be given unlimited, but must […]