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Health of Subconcious

And with this feeling and you can move mountains! Once the subconscious mind hears and recognizes the kind words, it responds immediately and gives you calmness, confidence in the inviolability and security of the world. As a result, you gain internal stability and complex problems are solved quickly. Try to bring yourself as much joy and pleasure. It is not necessary to wait for it from others. You know yourself and your tastes better than anyone else here, and use every opportunity to please yourself. And here is another great exercise "Days of Fun": Try deliberately cause yourself thinking about the pleasures that you can afford today to deliver. Let this be the most common, but nice to you personally veschi.Tak here at the moment when you first saw that day reflected, say: "My dear robin, I love you very much and I will do today for you all that I can.

What do you want? Buy new shoes, go to the sauna, call your favorite friend – sweetheart, but for you – anything! I will do everything to deliver you pleasure. " You see, this gives simply stunning results. Firstly, your subconscious mind will be all day soaking in the love, why you will cheer up. Secondly, it's so subconscious to help shape events of the coming of the day, that you can handle everyday life responsibilities easier, quieter and with better results. In addition, you must be able to find time for the promised excitement. And thirdly, the unusual installation will involve unusual results. For example, you may suddenly realize that the day was marked for you some happy event or a sudden "jump" in his work.

Results may not be the most unexpected, but always (!) – joyful. Remember that every time you do abuse them, you lose energy. And it is something just need to gather and strengthen in order to achieve goals in life. Try to focus and not allow ourselves to dissipate their precious creativity and vitality to many hours of sitting in front of the tv, talk on the phone and communicating with unpleasant people. Generally, to achieve the happy successes do not lose nothing allotted to you the fate of time. The man really is capable of any miracles, but if his actions will be targeted! Make that inspires you, talk with those who are agreeable to you, wear those things where you look attractive and comfortable feel. As often as possible Deliver yourself small and big fun! All these steps are absolutely necessary for entry into a new life! Until next time!


Belong the different classrooms? Why? The master and the young African villager, taken as example, if distinguish because they occupy different places in the social production, determined for the positions that occupy in relation to the means of production. The young payed a salary to itself because he is private of the means of production. Machine does not have business nor. Only the work force. In turn, being proprietor of the means of production, the master can live to the costs of the other people’s work. This constatao allows in to understand them the classroom concept as great groups of people whom if they differentiate between itself for the place in a system of social production historically determined, for its relation with the means of production, for its paper in the social organization it work and, consequentemente, for the way of attainment and the dimensions of the part of social wealth of that it makes use. These differences allow a classroom (possessing) to live to the costs of the exploration of the other classroom (not possessing). The division of the society in classrooms, however, preceded to the capitalism, occurring in other means of production 6.

The primitive men, living the way of primitive production, despite physically strong, remained themselves impotent ahead of the Nature. Only making use of rocks and woods, they congregated themselves in groups to hunt the wild beasts. The abated canine tooth age equally divided. With the time, they had learned to manufacture more complex instruments of rock, from the use of slex, to dominate the copper castings, bronze and iron. They lived a explicvel social equality for low the productivity of the work and for the great dependence in relation to the nature. With effect, to the measure where if they developed the productive forces and the instruments of work, it increased the social division of the work, matrix of the division of the men in classrooms.


Important is the creative thinking when creating the product being sold on the internet. Creativity is that actually moves all the money. Without creativity we condemn us not to move forward. In your career in internet, you need to be creative. It is not an option. That is sold on the internet? Creativity! To do this we must start to work creative thinking.

It is not something that you can not learn. You can do it if you decide! There are many ways of dealing with each individual creative thinking. It’s a choice personal and non-transferable. Actually they are not difficult to establish standards, but creative, like any other form of thought thinking, is often a general process to follow. Understanding this general process can help you be a better creative thinker. Again I repeat do that sold on the internet? Creativity! Creativity!The more successful selling on the internet has that feature.

It is based on creativity. The process of creative thinking involves four steps. Step 1: Analysis begins by analyzing the situation. Get all the data as possible. Look for more details and ask questions. At this point, you should really know the situation. The analysis involves finding who, what, where, when and how of the situation. Once the analysis is complete, you should be able to fully explain the situation including aspects or more obvious problems. Step 2: Rain of Ideas This is the true field of creative thinking. Once know the situation, ready to start thinking about. You can perform a rain of ideas the way that suits you. You can shout their ideas or put them in writing. What more work for you, will be the best methodology. Brainstorming can take many forms. You can write things, talk things, or even conducting experiments. The rains of ideas (brainstorming) must flow freely and be recorded for the purpose of not losing any of the good ideas that have emerged in the process. Step 3: Crumble now that it has a good collection of ideas, you can start to navigate through them and discard those that considered will not be successful. Sometimes we realize that a little twist on an idea can improve your performance. It is in this step to adjust and debug their ideas. You will review all of your ideas and eliminate that will not work. At the end, you must only select those ideas that seem to be the best solutions to your judgment. Step 4: Review the last step is to achieve its final idea. This will help you to select one or two ideas that seem to stand out from the rest and be the best. You will need to review ideas selected to reduce them to just one or two, which are the most feasible to perform. You must be able to obtain details on how each idea will work and how that will be conducted. Being a creative thinker means being able to think without too much structure, but these four steps properly organized are the basic elements of any thought process. Without a doubt, they may help you be a better creative thinker.

Childhood Behavior

It is common the parents to make comparison enters notes of the children, ' ' of the someone it is better that its, you are not with shame? ' ' or ' ' the someone only deserves because it studies and you me of problema' ' , thus the psychological one of ' ' outro' ' he goes taking storing these comments and causing damages auto-they esteem of the individual. It reflects in its social behavior. The psychological violence is a relation of being able different between adults endowed with authority and children and adolescents whom if they judge dominant on the dominated ones. This power is exerted through attitudes of found arbitrary control in the seio of the family, of the society and also pertaining to school, he is typical ' ' I obey because quero' ' , of verbal aggressions, of blackmails, extreme rules, of threats, humilhaes, depreciation, disqualification, rejection, isolation, requirement of inadequate ethical behaviors or above of the capacities and of economic or sexual exploration that much is seen in eaves of roads. In the school the violence more is declared, but it is an environment where it can controlled and be eradicated with the effort of all. Professors already mobilize themselves in this aspect, unhappyly of the beginning of century XXI for here, much recently and thanks to the prominence of the media on the subject in recent years. The case of Royal is not the only one, is most violent without a doubt, but it is not isolated case. The words said with sarcasm or indifference, a comment badly placed, an untied trick of bad taste, piadinhas that they degrade can and are considered Buling.

However when this happens in house, the society in a general way and mainly in classroom it is hour of the correction. If the professor or others exactly finds favour of this situation is collaborating so that they continue these harmful psychological violncias. The attacked individual necessary of support, needs to feel that he is not rejected or reason of chacota of the others. Simple action and of immense result. The parents need to be intent what they speak and with the comparisons that nothing help. They change such comments for incentive and they will open a better perspective for the children. He is of that they need and not of somebody that always criticizes.