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Problem Solving Tips

How to solve the problem We each have the path of life there are certain problems. Honestly, I do not know a single person who lived a life without problems! But I personally prefer the word "problem". The problem is the problem, requiring urgent solutions. I really liked one of the chapters, Bill Newman, "10 fantastic ways to succeed." I believe these steps are very simple and effective. 1. Do not be afraid of the problem. Calm down.

Negative thoughts do not contribute to overcoming the problems. Cool, who owns a mind works is much more effective than the mind, absorbed in grief. 2. Carefully consider the issue. Seek advice. Learn the facts. Comprehensively check out the situation.

Do not abuse the mind of debris. 3. Concentrate on solving the problem. Too many people think about their problem, not paying attention to how to cope with it. Do not blame yourself, others, or circumstances. Many serious problems can be resolved quite easily. 4. Start with what you know and then move on to things unknown. Use knowledge and experience gained in the process of solving previous problems. 5. Choose a suitable solution for others as well as for you. This will improve your relationships with people and bring you all the benefits. 6. Undertake specific actions. The sooner you begin to act, the quickly resolved the problem. Go ahead, even if it takes a certain risk. Maybe before you got up personal or professional issues that inhibit or depress you. Take some time to hospital visit or a visit to a friend who has a much more serious problems than you – and you feel that your trouble is in principle not so great. Solving problems can even be fun. Trouble and how to overcome them that give life flavor and sharpness, without which it would be just boring. Do not create problems. Solve them.

Health of Subconcious

And with this feeling and you can move mountains! Once the subconscious mind hears and recognizes the kind words, it responds immediately and gives you calmness, confidence in the inviolability and security of the world. As a result, you gain internal stability and complex problems are solved quickly. Try to bring yourself as much joy and pleasure. It is not necessary to wait for it from others. You know yourself and your tastes better than anyone else here, and use every opportunity to please yourself. And here is another great exercise "Days of Fun": Try deliberately cause yourself thinking about the pleasures that you can afford today to deliver. Let this be the most common, but nice to you personally veschi.Tak here at the moment when you first saw that day reflected, say: "My dear robin, I love you very much and I will do today for you all that I can.

What do you want? Buy new shoes, go to the sauna, call your favorite friend – sweetheart, but for you – anything! I will do everything to deliver you pleasure. " You see, this gives simply stunning results. Firstly, your subconscious mind will be all day soaking in the love, why you will cheer up. Secondly, it's so subconscious to help shape events of the coming of the day, that you can handle everyday life responsibilities easier, quieter and with better results. In addition, you must be able to find time for the promised excitement. And thirdly, the unusual installation will involve unusual results. For example, you may suddenly realize that the day was marked for you some happy event or a sudden "jump" in his work.

Results may not be the most unexpected, but always (!) – joyful. Remember that every time you do abuse them, you lose energy. And it is something just need to gather and strengthen in order to achieve goals in life. Try to focus and not allow ourselves to dissipate their precious creativity and vitality to many hours of sitting in front of the tv, talk on the phone and communicating with unpleasant people. Generally, to achieve the happy successes do not lose nothing allotted to you the fate of time. The man really is capable of any miracles, but if his actions will be targeted! Make that inspires you, talk with those who are agreeable to you, wear those things where you look attractive and comfortable feel. As often as possible Deliver yourself small and big fun! All these steps are absolutely necessary for entry into a new life! Until next time!


Analyzing the terms pointed for the sample with the ones of literature (ETCHEGOYEN, 1987; FADIMAN; FRAGER, 1986; CLONINGER, 1999), that the origin, the concentrated beddings of the psychoanalysis in the events of conscientious mental order basically of or the unconscious one standes out, perceives this sufficiently explicit question in the described terms, some terms as id, ego, superego, marcantes complex of dipo, libido of this cited boarding not form. In the boarding Humanist, the cited terms had been: felt of life, confrontation, transcendncia, possibility of overcoming, shelter, listening, insight, understanding, deep figure, all it is more than what the addition of the parts, as you feel yourself, as she was for you. When comparing with the conception of this boarding that searchs the study of the human being in its healthy form, one perceives that the terms translate this conception about the man and condizem with the ones of literature search (HALL, 1984; CASTAON, 2007). detached terms of the Mannering boarding had been: positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, punishment, extinguishing, modeling, contingency, aversivo control, stimulaton, these terms define the beddings of this boarding well that if concentrates in the behavior of the man, being possible shape it (FADMAN; FRAGER, 1986). The use of the language becomes important as form of communication, interaction and externalizao of the thought, a time that Psychology makes use of this cognitivo process (BOCK; STOLEN; TEIXEIRA, 2005).

The third category language and professional identity, whose intention is to know of the sample if the psychological boarding is an element of linguistic identity, and will be as they perceive the lingusticos terms as agents formadores of its identity while psychologist. In the collected data, 80% of the sample consider that the psychological boarding is an element of lingustica identity. The gotten and described stories below strengthen this data: ' ' The term represents one referencial, and each theory has a form to express its thought and for this it uses terms that better are adaptam what it desires to study.

The Possibilities

Little would also advance to take knowledge of the curses of my vice, therefore, already it lived in the fancy of the success and of the new to be it will transform that me, was the maximum! My career of smoker was long. I smoked the first cigarette to the thirteen years, still in sporadical character during two years for religious questions and to the fifteen years, I caught firm and I made career. They had been long thirty and five years of tobaccoism! Next to the eighteen years, due to practical of sports, I made my first attempt to stop to smoke and failed. I did not understand very well what it had happened, but also, still he was very attractive to be part of this select group of people who smoked. I took the life ahead. Years later, when already it had forgotten the last attempt failed to stop, already to the twenty and five years approximately, when also already it was said of the possibilities to contract illnesses, mainly the cancer for the habit to smoke, I made a new attempt. This time I convinced a friend that together we could win this fight. They had been three long days of my abstinence.

I was in the biggest joy in catching smoking it hidden, therefore, it had a reason just to breach our treatment. I came back to the vice. Of this time it was different, replenished the load of nicotine in the body, started pain in the conscience and a great doubt: it will be that I do not obtain to stop? It will be that I am vitiated? It was this that my parents had tried to alert to me and not I gave ear! I only took the life ahead, that now with a hurt of the defeat and an enormous feeling of guilt.


Feeling, or ethics. Feelings orient us in the world of values, signal us to satisfy our needs, to help understand the relationships between people, to give an ethical evaluation, one way or another events, thinking, or logic. If feelings are signals to us about our subjective world, and because they are biased, that thinking makes it possible to navigate in the objective world, to comprehend the logical, reasonable laws, which arranged the universe; intuition. Intuition gives us information about an object over time, provides a glimpse into a fantasy past, present future. In general, this is a richly developed imagination, which is able to see the developments in time to see the whole, sensing, or feeling. This is the opposite process of intuition, which signals to us that the subject is (there).

Sensory experience itself helps by itself the presence of an object, and immediately see its minutest details, all the texture, so to speak. If you intuitively sees the forest, but after it did not see the tree, the sensing, by contrast, sees a single tree, but more difficult to see the whole forest as a whole. Described opposite functions tend to displace, suppress their opposition, making it very weak and underdeveloped. Accordingly, one becomes one-sided, begins to lose its adaptation to fields that are associated with suppressed function. His living space is narrowed, it is worse to understand the depth of the world itself. To prevent this from happening, you need to develop not only major functions, but weaker, translate them into the category of, if not strong, or at least perceived, controlled mind, our will.


Not being the considered work a source of insanity, another explanation would be ‘ ‘ Subjective syndrome after traumtica’ ‘ that it after appears to occur an accident or a cicatrizao of one wound, causing symptoms that can take the worker if move away from the work, placing it in an illness state that is the depression, or facing the danger it work and the fear. The medicalizao is presented as only exit for the chronic headaches, vertigos and visual problems caused by ‘ ‘ Subjective syndrome after traumtica’ ‘ , serving of abutment for the medicalizao process. The psychosomatic illness is another type of mental suffering that affects the worker. They appear mainly in individuals that present a mental structure characterized by the few mental defenses. The organization of the work, the way as it determines the content of the task, not only the significant content, but also the ergonomic content, wants to say, the gestures, position, the physical environment. The more rigid she will be to the structure of the work, but it will facilitate favorable psychosomatic estruturaes. Consideraes the organization of the work, is capable to neutralize defenses of the individual placing it in risk situation, a time that it meets injured in its potentialities neurotics and is obliged to function in a mannering structure. It does not have one as if to defend of this organization, that adoecer, but that at the same time it needs it for its survival and its family.

The worker already obtained many conquests in this relation of work, since the period of the caves until the current days. But it continues fighting, because now the relation of work is globalizada, if not leading in account that the citizen is a biopsicossocial being, provided with subjectivity, what it differentiates them one of the other and that this subjectivity goes to make with that it can accept or not this relation of work that can cause it physical and/or mental suffering.


Second question: 2) The group of pupils obtained to establish Rapport (I tie) with the children and educators? Graf 2: He demonstrates if the pupils had obtained to establish the necessary bond with the educators and children. In the measure where the contacts had happened, the children already obtained even though to identify to the pupils and the hour of the reading, already with the educators, an exchange of knowledge happened where the pupils had been supported by people that coexisted the children directly, knew of its characteristics, for this reason and for the children to be easily sociable had a satisfactory exchange between pupils, educators and children. It was demonstrated work in group. Question three: 3) The reading made with the children contributed of some form for interpretation and imagination of the same ones, as the proposal of the project? Graf 3: It demonstrates if the reading contributes of some form for the children. It was observed that the children had started to present greater in accordance with concentration and the coordinator and pedagoga the directed activities more, had provided to greater return, but it was observed in clearer way in the room, from the done stimulations to the children, who previously answered ' ' Eu' ' for that if she asked, observed at the beginning of the work, them already they obtained in efficient way to make identifications of personages, of animals, from the stimulation with focus in the memory, however normal and she is waited that in the second infancy the children still have difficulty of storage due to a neurological maturation that if is waited for this etria band. Question four: 4) Before the educators, the pupils of Psychology they had obtained to effect the considered objective, of comment and to conciliate practical theory and? Graf 4: It demonstrates if objective of the work of comment and conciliation between practical theory and it was reached.


Therefore, he was attemped to introduce the Psychoanalysis in the education, because the educator would take the person to the matureness and if to become an adult. What it is they totem? It is an animal that all keeps special relation with the clan. They totem it is a common ancestor of the clan, is its spirit guard. They totem it can in such a way be given by the feminine line how much for the masculine. The totnico system attracted the interest of the psychoanalysts because in it if they find a law against sexual relations between people of the same totem and consequently, against its marriage. She was practised the exogamia. It would be a protection against the incest, the one that the Psychoanalysis of as much importance, because the trend to it is part of the complex of dipo.

Literature on history of the sexuality shows for a phenomenon between the kings and the princes, but in all the levels of the society. The new ideal of marriage goes if constituting to the few in ocidente, where if it imposes the spouses whom if they love or that they seem to love itself, and that they have expectations regarding the love. The individual in the society contemporary is argued and studied the paper of the alliance and the institucional paper of the sexuality and its implications. The conjugal separation can have constructive effect for the members of a family, to keep the marriage it is the self-destruction and the destruction of the other. It takes all the family to reorganize the standards of existing relationship searching in the therapy the ressignificao for its life. The freudianos ideals based in the education freudiano pulsional model, For the impossibility to prevent the neuroses as well as to cure the malaise in the education. All to know> in the educative field one stands as plus a modern Pedagogia.

Control Of Stress

Summary: What it is health? the result of the organism in living with balance. What he is stress? It is a state of the organism when submitted to the effort and the tension. The causes of stress are high standard of personal requirement, fear and frustration stress precocious can lead to the illnesses as cancer, dementia, obsessive-compulsory behavior, cardiovascular illnesses, AVC and until the o precocious death. Content: The type of life that auto-we impose in them, where we think to be necessary to get much more financial resources what really we need; it demands us more effort to fulfill the standard established for the media, to be ' ' deuses' ' e, ahead places in them of conflicts in the professional life where it has each time more competition and little space, making with that the close, familiar life of each one is considered as a failure. Other standards for the behaviors and feelings exist, where standards for the ideal behavior of the parents with the children are established, of children with the parents, answering to the diverse expectations established for the consumista and capitalist society; standards for the friendships also exist, for the loving relationships, at last, have standards and ready petty cashes friction in all the sectors of our lives, where we must incasing in them of a form or another one, in order to be accepted for the society. The collections are imposed in impetuous, indiscreet and conflitiva way, without in allowing to the least the time them to think if we go to accept to live ' ' enformados' ' or incased, if we need or of definitive established standards and if really they are not essential our welfare and healthful. The consumista society, each day if fortifies with the establishment of standards of appearances and it hinders in them to think about what we really want to be.

General Adaptation

The term estresse was published for the first time, for Hans Selye in 1936, and since then already 110 studies on the subject had been published more than. It estresse it represents the generic reply of the organism front to the requirements of the environment. Two types can exist of estresse: The organic one, that it can be in moderate level that consists of eustresse, that it has a protective function and of adaptation. E, the chronic, that is in raised level more, provoking pathological changes and until the death, of this process consist of distresse (HELMAN, 2003). Seyle, describes the answers to the factors of estresse or estressor, the ambient influence in itself? physics, psychological or sociocultural, the sequncia of events for which the organism answers is friction as the Syndrome of General Adaptation, where it possesss three periods of training: ) In first place, the alarm phase occurs: where the organism is mobilizador to face the threat. b) In according to place, the resistance phase occurs: the organism seems to have itself suitable to generating situation of stress.

c) IN the third period of training, the exhaustion, occurs when the organism leaves to exceed the threat, and in elapsing of this process, fragiliza the physiological resources (STROEBE, 1995, p.241). The understanding must be made as analysis tool, since that if it has a conscience of the paper of the context? psychological, social, cultural and economic, having to be enclosed when it is tried to understand why an individual or a group it considers determines estressante situation, whereas others not (HELMAN, 2003). In accordance with authors Gis and Dantas: Estresse is any situation in which a not specific demand demands that the individual reacts and takes an attitude. It is a tense, physiological or psychological situation, that can affect the person in all the dimensions human beings. The reply it estresse to it is influenced by the intensity, duration and scope of the estressor and for the number of estressores gifts at the moment.