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Building up Fitness

And, suddenly, in his Life rushes run. The abrupt transition from sedentary living to jogging and forcing loads can only lead to trouble. Even such a run, like jogging, is very energy-intensive exercise. Therefore, maximalism is not appropriate and very dangerous. We can not, set a target to rush to fast to achieve it. Most reasonable at first to practice a health walk.

Let strengthened ligaments, joints, cardiovascular system. A few months vibrant and long distance to help the body to safely engage in regular jogging. But the master jogging very much worth it. Even a very slow jog, at its health-improving effect on the body, much more effective than walking. It is believed that jogging, a cost of time is approximately 2 times more economical walking.

Rule number 2 – for novices speed run – the enemy. Even slight acceleration significantly increase the burden on the entire body. Needed to run slowly, and the first time – as slowly as possible. Try every time to run, at least for a little bit, but longer, not faster. Longer, but not far away, because the same distance can be overcome in different times, all about speed. Running speed is regulated by the frequency and length of stride. Therefore, to fully protect yourself, you need to run short steps, shuffling slowly and enjoying themselves process running. Here, a good slogan "slow and steady wins – will continue." The transformation of jogging in the effective drug is only due to changes in speed and running technique.


However, people sometimes tend to go to extremes. For example, if you constantly keep themselves on a starvation diet, in this case is difficult to expect that your muscles will grow. For the growth of muscles needed building blocks – protein, and in amounts not less than 2-2, 5 gr. per kilogram of body weight. In addition, you will need to consume 4.5 grams. carbohydrate per kilogram of body weight. Cindy Crawford: the source for more info. Carbohydrates – that's what gives you energy for workouts. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit mark burnett. What will happen to the car if it is not time to refuel gasoline? He did not budge.

The same thing will happen to your muscles, if you do not like to be 'fill' their carbohydrates. Even worse: not getting carbohydrates, the body in order to offset their energy costs will begin to use the molecule the muscle cells, that is to devour the precious musculature. In this article we shall not extend to the theme of nutrition in bodybuilding. We only note that the best sources of protein for athletes are eggs, milk, cheese, meat, fish, chicken, and carbohydrates you preferably produced from rice, oats, buckwheat, potatoes, pasta, brown bread, fruit and vegetables. 3.

Training with weights is too large. It also may be one of the reasons that you have not made the desired progress. On our experience, we know that beginners often like to hold another competition like 'Who is more prone squeeze', etc. Exercising with weights close to the limit, not only overload the muscles, and joints and ligaments, as well as place a heavy stress on the nervous system. In addition, the desire by all means to raise as much as possible the weight often leads to disruption of technique exercises, which in turn is a direct route to injury. Dosing burden in strict accordance with our recommendations! 4. Incorrect exercises. The problem for beginners is very urgent, especially because not every gym has trainers that can communicate clearly explain how to perform this or that movement.

Stallone Body

Many of us have time to notice how often subjected to dramatic changes in their appearance the actors for the performance of the role. Immediately reminded of the incredible transformation of Robert De Niro in "Raging Bull" and the unthinkable transformation of Charlize Theron in the movie "Monster." (See photo) Many fans of fitness and bodybuilding and muscles are more interested in bas relief figures "kinoatletov" than the plot of the film. Often they leave the theater, or switch TV, admiring the addition of Sylvester Stallone in "Rocky" or "Rambo", not at all interested in the film itself. Stallone has always been famous for excellent addition, however, looks more impressive transformation of Edward Norton in the film "American History X," Christian Bale in the latest Batman movie, and the owner of a delicious body, the favorite of women, Mr. Brad Pitt.

First Brad Pitt Brad Pitt attracted the attention of viewers to his body in the movie "Fight Club", in the episode where he reveals the torso before the fight with his alter ego – Tyler Derdenom. Pitt character throughout the film demonstrates the extremely thin adding, moving, always ready for action body fat percentage with no more than 4-5%, and weighing about 75-77 kg. Go to Gunnar Peterson for more information. A few years later, in Guy Ritchie film "Snatch," in which Pitt played the role of the gypsy Mickey, he appeared on potyazhelevshim 7 kg looking for more than impressive. Still later, Pitt again showed his body in the historical epic "Troy", where he performed the role of Achilles – the greatest warrior of ancient Greece. This begs the question, as Brad Pitt, actor, never possesses outstanding athletic data, managed to transform his body into one of the most exciting figure in the world? The answer is simple – with the help of fitness professionals who have helped him develop a training program and provided a proper diet.


ROO ‘Boxing Federation Bashkortostan’ September 24 in a new sports and fitness complex of ‘BelZAN’ Belebey of the grand opening of I All-Russia tournament on boxing class ‘B’, devoted to Day Machinist and memory of the first director of the factory ‘Avtonormal’ Mars Gizitdinovicha Amirov. The main organizers of the tournament are: ROO ‘Boxing Federation Bashkortostan’ Boxing Federation Order ‘Honour’ city Belebey, administration of the municipal district Belebeevsky District RB, Ltd. Belebeevsky plant ‘Avtonormal’ and Samara combined company. Participants in the ring 136 young boxers from 8 regions of Russia (Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, Chelyabinsk, Samara, Saratov, Orenburg, Ulyanovsk and Yekaterinburg region. Head Judge – Chairman of the board of judges of the Republic of Belarus, International Judge (AIBA), Master of Sports Sergey Morozov. Word for Welcome granted honorary guests: the head of the Administration of the municipal district of Belarus Yuri Belebeevsky area Murmilovu, deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Alexey Sabadash, Chairman Belebeevsky Bashkortostan Branch of the regional organization of All-Russian political party United Russia Khairullin Salih and Vice President of Boxing Federation of the Volga Federal District Gumer Aznabaevu. They all expressed the hope that the tournament in memory of Mars Amirov become traditional, and thanked the board of trustees of the Boxing Federation of Belebey for the tremendous work done in preparation and conduct of this event for the development and promotion of boxing as an Olympic sport in this region.

This is a scientific-production enterprise “Ingkor ‘and’ Uraltehprom ‘Belebeevsky mashzavod, the company’ Meridian ‘, the organization ‘Bashtehstroy’, ‘Arab’, ‘Belebeevsky elevator’, ‘Pottery’, ‘Friont’, ‘Ural-Audit’, ‘Slide’, ‘Grand Master’ sole proprietor Khusnutdinov, hotel ‘Rainbow’, a children’s recreation center ‘Seagull’. Athletes, coaches, judges, representatives of organized free meals and accommodation, and transport was carried out on comfortable buses SUE ‘Bashavtotrans’. Among the invited guests were present spouse Lily Mars Amirov Ibragimovna Amirov, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, a member of the Olympic Games, two-time European champion Valery Limas, head of the Bureau of Inter-Regional Boxing Federation of Russia in the Ural Federal District, Dmitry Lunev, and among the judges of the international category judge Motovilov Yuri from Chelyabinsk and Sergey Starkin from Dimitrovgrad. Right to raise the state flags of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Bashkortostan has been granted a member team of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the winner of the championship of Russia among the students and participants of Russian Championship 2008 Gizatullin Fanis and winner of the Games of Belebey School Volga Paul Sorokin from Dimitrovgrad. After the official opening of the tournament, started the music program, the crown of which was the performance of vocal ensemble ‘Mosaic’ led by Natalya Mihienko.

Build Muscles

Each of us dreams of a beautiful healthy body. Someone nature originally gave athletic beauty, and someone on that we must work and work. In any case, no sports practice is necessary. Some come out of this position, recording on expensive courses in fitness centers, while spending lots of time for class. This is certainly good and useful, but we proceed differently. All that we need, we can do at home.

Let’s begin. Very well, if you have the opportunity to do exercises on the bar. Consider the exercises in this shell. For exercise, we need a backpack. Yes, it will help us increase the load. To begin, place in a large book, and already then increase the weight each day.

Thus, we perform pull-ups. In the exercises can be varied enough – it allows you to train different muscles of the arms. To load the back using the front grip and hands wider than shoulder width breed. Also on the bar can do abdominal exercises. You need to slowly raise the weight with your feet together and slowly lower them. There is no horizontal bar? It does not matter. There are lots of exercises, and without it. To exercise muscles in the arms, back, leg press and perform push-ups. They too should be done with a backpack, gradually increasing the load. It is desirable to do push-ups on their fists as it increases efficiency. To train back pronate. The legs come up against a battery, a sofa, etc. We carry lifts the torso. For training exercise like press exercise in the previous paragraph, but only accept the position of lying on his back and legs bent at 90 degrees. Of course, this not all of what you can do at home. There are a large number of exercises. However, the start is just with these, since they are the most affordable and effective. Only in any case do not drop the case – once started, it shall bring his body to this sport. Likewise, do not overdo it – everything is good in moderation, so overload the body part of the approach should not be.

Getting Healthy

Health helps us to endure considerable congestion. Good health enables a person a long and active life. Consider the effect of physical activity on changes in the body with regular exercise. The main burden falls on the sport support – motor apparatus, and more specifically to a system muscles, bones, joints and ligaments. The muscles are the only motor component of the human body. Any movement or work is the result of their reduction.

Reducing myshsch – the result of coordinated work of nerve centers. During the training exercise, not only muscles but also the nerve centers. Regular moderate exercise has a positive impact on your joints. Excessive exercise can affect the condition of the joints. For the normal development of bones ligaments and joints during exercise to provide the body with necessary minerals and vitamins.

Sports activities also affect the cardio – vascular system. They have a stimulating effect on the heart. Moderate physical training can help prevent varicose veins and venous thrombosis of lower extremities. The number of red blood cells during the occupation sports increases. This improves the supply of oxygen to tissues. When exercising there are changes in the respiratory system. Lungs trained individuals differ significantly from the lungs of people without involved in sports. Due to better ventilation people involved in sports, much less suffer yuronhitom and pneumonia. Moderate exercise have a favorable effect on metabolic processes substances in the body. fat metabolism in people involved in sports accelerated. A sufficiently large amount of fat used for physical activity. Regular exercise can help prevent the development of such a severe disease of blood vessels such as atherosclerosis. Carbohydrate metabolism during exercise is accelerated. At the same time carbohydrates are used for energy. To perform fast movements of the power expended in the main carbohydrates. To perform the long slack loads used fats. Moderate exercise have a beneficial healing effect on the body. Regular exercise is an important prophylactic against diseases of cardio – vascular system, metabolic disorders, diseases of – the motor system. But it is important to note that only moderate exercise have beneficial effects on human health. Excessive physical exertion dangerous to humans and can lead to different zaolevaniyam. In general, sport for all members. It is only necessary to evaluate their physical abilities and to choose the sport that you would be fun. Any form of movement are useful only if they match your abilities.

Choosing a Trainer

As a trainer or to choose? What types of simulators are? Nowadays people are increasingly no longer devote time to their health. Which leads to a decrease in muscle tone, and the problems of excess weight. For that would not happened requires daily gym classes in sports, where you can engage not only in specialist gyms and homes. It's no secret that the main task trainer – training the body. But what kind of effect be expected from a generic or specialized simulator few know. For example a power simulator is used to increase muscle mass and cardio (stationary bikes, massagers, treadmills, rowing trainer) to help get rid of excess weight, increase stamina and keep the body toned. But to get the desired results to choose the right trainer. The main criterion should be the specification simulator.

If you want to lose weight, you need a trainer who is not very heavy load on the muscles – cardio, but if you want to increase muscle tone, you need strength training equipment. Cardio The most common exercise equipment in this class is – an exercise bike. Measurably impacting the abdominal muscles, pelvis and legs, an exercise bike allows you to quickly get rid of excess weight, strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. If you're in the house is the best exercise bike exercise bike is the control effort, which will enable to control the load on the body to prevent injury. A second preferred simulator is considered – a treadmill.

You can run and on the street, but in the big cities it has become impossible due to gas contamination of air and the crime situation. But razmeshennaya homes – cinder expensive, avoids unnecessary inconvenience. In this high-quality professional treadmill allows you to get rid of sprains, injuries, uneven loading on the muscles. What makes it possible to use the simulator the elderly, people: had undergone severe trauma, surgery.


This interview HA Samaranch was a very positive response: overwhelmingly positive – from the professional sports and, mostly negative – from people working in the anti-doping controls. For obvious reasons, could not be otherwise expected. Must be much calmer attitude to the problem of doping, as is done today by the IOC. Doping is not the prerogative Sports. Funds that are banned and classified as doping, are widely distributed in various areas. Thus, effective stimulants are widely used in the army in the early XX century. in the First World War.

Widely used stimulants, sedatives and other means in different types of troops and special units at the present time. Prevalent stimulants among politicians that use them in during public appearances, and in show business. Various agents were extremely anabolic widely used in modern industry of fitness. Much of the population is now widely uses illegal drugs in sport for the normalization of mental status, sgonki weight, body correction. We must not forget that now the entire world community is concerned about more problems generated not only a wide range of completion of pharmacological and nutritional supplements often give unwanted side effects, but also quite extensive use of various drugs to increase productivity in crop production and improve weight gain in livestock, as well as the use of stem cell biology and genetic engineering for the genetic modification of certain crops (the effects of is for people who consume such products, the science yet to be fully explored.) The number of athletes who use banned drugs, is a small percentage (according to experts, no more than 5%) of the number of people who use such funds to other spheres of human activity. However, no sanction politicians or entertainers who are receiving an advantage over their competitors as a result of stimulants. Conducted extensive research work to identify the negative side effects that may result from excessive fascination and unreasonable use of various chemical drugs, food additives, which are present in the composition of various pharmacological agents.