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To the power to be observed these ways to be related, provides to the subject the conditions for rectifying that way to be and to tie old, but that to remain unconscious under returned unchangeable. Said in other words: The cure happens through the discovery of the ways you will tie problematic of the patient, updated and put in act in the same relation with the therapist, generating a space of elaboration of these types you will tie, allowing that the patient can generate a new way to tie by and for itself. It promotes a deep change in the personality through the observation of its conflicts put into play in the relation with the therapist. One scores to include/understand the problematic one of the patient soon to be able to demystify it, to question it, to descomprender it in the sense to break with those arguments or senses that cause suffering of the person. The high protagonism in the process offers him to the patient, since it is the same that will discover its ways you will tie and real motivations of his conflicts: this way it is allowed to be gradually discovering the personal or subjective responsibility in relation to the internal states or lived events. This process usually is accompanied by a work on the tendencies that are in all the human beings to being resistant the change. The psychoanalytic therapy acts in two levels: it modifies it brings back to consciousness and it acts directly on the unconscious one through transformation of the internal relations of object by means of the therapeutic bond. Applicable to all the clinical pictures, being due to adapt to the particular characteristics of each problematic one. Original author and source of the article.

The Myth Of The Tdah

Original text: In relation to the preoccupations of Liliana by the TDAH in their Blog, the following reflections are happened to me. Until when we are going to persecute and to punish to the children with all class of pseudopathological excuses (TDAH, infantile depression, oposicionista upheaval, disocial upheaval, enuresis, scholastic failure )? Obviously, it seems that " times oscuros"they continue by average subtler. The reasons are multiple: he is easier and cheap to put shirts of force to the juniors, that to terapizar to incapable ancestors and to improve the educative and social landlords? by its neurosis, little parents – and hardly the society in general will dare to confront with anger and humility their responsibilities in the suffering of the children? quiet economic and political powers toil without rest to annul to all the people " diferentes" the own childhood begins to be, for some, one " enfermedad" unbearable, then, it is not the spontaneous life, by definition, a continuous threat for neurotics? Thus he continues, in psychopathological slang, the war against the childhood. (1) However, nobody can allege at the moment – later of a century of psychological and humanizadoras contributions (from Freud to our missing person Stakes out Miller and the development of " Rights of the Nio")- " desconocimiento" some on the evident causes of the human pain and their consequences. The formula is simple: lack of affection, I mistreat, injustice = violence, neurosis, madness.

To blame, therefore, to the victims; to look for " three feet to gato" of the problem; to invent mental diseases without the smaller biological base, not only is acientfico, but immoral. (2) He is immensely fraudulent, P. ex., " diagnosticar" supposed " TDAH" by means of as ridiculous questions as: " tries disrespectfully the boy to people majors? He is impulsive, irritable? Becomes lean the finger or the clothes? Fight with its brothers? Weeping, or gawky, or is become absorbed in thought, or anxious, or timid, or lying, or disobedient, or destroyer, or takes tempers, or are scared to be only, or it does not finish the things that begin, or is too immature for his age, etc.

Constitutional Court

Days ago back, our Chilean society underwent a great blow that with perplexity announced and imposed a next failure to us of the Constitutional Court for this 22 of April, that will even more delimit the Regulation of the Fertility 1. Which, was interposed by the lucidity of a few of the preservative right that at some moment of meditation with his brings back to consciousness inner looked for I appeal and has supported like illuminated self-appointed pro-life of the absolutely powerful divinity, in regard to or and the eternal salvation, so that Spiteful Women have his deserved punishment, to attempt against life in the exercise of its sexual and reproductive rights or rather to reveal before its domestic roll of reproduction of the species and the own cares by granted nature. The encyclical is translated in the prohibition of: The distribution of the Pill of Contraception of Emergencia (PAE) in the public system of health, because in deprived this it will follow reesforzando on sale the differences and discriminating not only for being of feminine sex, but spending power. The Intrauterine Devices (DIU) as the copper T, where already the 2005 the users of contraceptives taken care of in the public system of health were 1.141.798 and 54% of them used an intrauterine device (DIU), the Copper T 380, considered an effective and safe method for the health of the women, of easy handling and control, besides its cost/effectiveness. The total of users of the T of copper at national level is of 1.435.948. 2 The services of contraception and council to young people majors of 14 years without consent of their parents and will not exist an appropriate sexual education to avoid the premature pregnancies, the prevention of sexual diseases and the pandemic of the VIH/SIDA.