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the present time


To the power to be observed these ways to be related, provides to the subject the conditions for rectifying that way to be and to tie old, but that to remain unconscious under returned unchangeable. Said in other words: The cure happens through the discovery of the ways you will tie problematic of the patient, […]

The Myth Of The Tdah

Original text: In relation to the preoccupations of Liliana by the TDAH in their Blog, the following reflections are happened to me. Until when we are going to persecute and to punish to the children with all class of pseudopathological excuses (TDAH, infantile depression, oposicionista upheaval, disocial upheaval, enuresis, scholastic failure )? Obviously, it seems […]

Constitutional Court

Days ago back, our Chilean society underwent a great blow that with perplexity announced and imposed a next failure to us of the Constitutional Court for this 22 of April, that will even more delimit the Regulation of the Fertility 1. Which, was interposed by the lucidity of a few of the preservative right that […]