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They have learned to deal with and peripherally extended to neighbouring areas, using means of transport generated and created to facilitate the subsequent invasion. His idea is to colonize, saturate the resources go recognizing and invading them, for their benefit and disposal of these, as a final result. These viruses with intelligence, know or believe differentiated, understand that the environment is at your service, transform it and make up according to their needs and appreciations. Serve of congeners, which subsist within its space and are trained to develop changes and bioenergy, used for purposes of evolution, procreation and proliferation. They are able to eliminate between them, by selecting class and conditioning. They have processed forms of conduct, with psychological basis and have established social modes of organization, reorganization, and address.

God created them, introduced them within himself, in a moment of weakness, he wanted or thought the could regulate and serve them as localized elements, but the error occurred. Your immune system, cannot identify them, nor counteract them, they multiply and produce erosion and breakdown in systems that make up cells and in turn to the various areas of the universal fabric. Of having assessed these consequences, we would have avoided disaster. One day he said: I will introduce homogeneous systems, in a differentiated State, that awaken the natural springs and neutralize the consequences. Throughout history, he has tried to curb with parallel degree more evolved, the sequence elements until they occur irreparable damage to the structures and outlying areas, avoiding the extensible spread to more complex and vital organs. These palliative or des progressive reaction accelerators, have been mitigated and altered this succession, influencing collective consciousness and mental levels. Offering these individuals, integration and conformation with the guest status, in order to ensure required parasitic function and prevent the subsequent consequence of roughing in the occasional tissue. But only has partly mitigated the proliferation and metastasis, which was more likely to dysfunction in the direction of the virus.

The challenge involves a major effort to host, will be required to generate or create larger envelope of intelligence systems, which are capable of auto programming viruses, to an understanding of its necessary integration and adaptation, without that they alter the processes, favoring functions to metabolize, for which from its initiation and original line-up were arranged as part of a whole, children, fully integrated. Until this provision is not achieved, the guest marks in their eyes sadness and illness. Depression is made manifest and their pain is centered in the depths of his heart. You have and you should assess this situation that casts a shadow over his soul. Being cognizant of the dire consequences, will give light and spirit to his being deeper, to use springs that catalyse and so causing movements subtle and continuous, searching through them, a change in fitness, with reactions that opositen guidelines differentiated. These pipes, they need sources of essential body, endowed with intelligence, consciousness and spirit, they motivated Exchange with the dependent and parasitized viruses, reacting towards a link of integration and rapprochement with its creator, as children, with a view to its own evolution and development.

Vascular Diseases

According to noted Jaime Pineda, diabetes entails various diseases if it is not treated and controlled under a strict system of feeding and exercise, also indicated that this can lead to many complications at the same time if the rules are not followed at the foot of the letter, since it may even cause death. Is one of the leading causes of death in the State of Coahuila, hence the concern of the Dr. Berta Castellanos to place much emphasis on the attention of these sufferings, so in the programs that we’re going to have prevention, has dedicated special attention to this matter and will generate a major campaign of prevention of vascular diseasesas well as the metabolic, including diabetes, said. For what corresponds to the campaign, said that the diseases to be treated to prevent, saved a close relationship between the two, since one relates to the other usually. Both are diseases that often are very interrelated, where the diabetic is hypertensive and the hypertensive become diabetic and both as another predispose to infarction or complications that eventually lead to the death of people, explained. By what stressed that it is both the myocardial infarction, and the complications of diabetes, which ensures there are numerous and may affect fully, so people should not neglect their treatments.We must not forget that diabetes is considered within the chronic diseases, which deteriorate some organs, such as kidneys, vision, heart and largely comes to cost you your life, he said. Worth mentioning that among the most common symptoms that presents this disease include: increased thirst, frequent urination, have great hunger, loss of weight for no apparent reason.Also some types of diabetes that exist are: pre-diabetes, type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes and diabetes insipidus.

While exercise helps prevent varicose veins, a rough sport can cause trauma resulting from inflammation in veins. Athletes suffer from vascular diseases (on veins) due to shocks (trauma), explains the deportologo Jose Reinhart. It is common that when practiced a sport opponents clash among themselves or hit against fences, arches, rings or other sports equipment or fall sharply on hard surfaces. If these shocks are not treaties – notes – may have varicose veins, and in the worst cases, Thrombophlebitis (inflammation with clot) to not be treated can generate a cerebral thrombosis or pulmonary embolism. The most common symptoms are redness of the veins and constant pain. Many times, these signs are confused with muscle tears and people do not attend a specialist. The main cause of varicose veins is an inherited genetic disorder. Most susceptible to suffer this bad vascular are those who have parents who suffer from this disease (the probability is between 70% and 80%), explains the vascular surgeon Mario Ortega. Women who have more than 30 years because they are experiencing a stage of hormonal changes are also more vulnerable.

Air Jordan 2011 A Well Balanced Basis

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2001, this particular The nike jordan footwear is actually first of all using associated with detachable handles, .cheap jordans for footwear comes the newest design allows these types of suitable shoes to alter inside the region as well as video games courtroom coaching. The nike jordan XV (15): Within 12, 1999 Nike air The nike jordan 15 bright as well as azure colorways tend to be arranged upon promoting along with design motivation out of your top-secret hypersonic aircraft X-15. Implementing the current difference procedure. dinmoxjjd10807 the current weaved nylon uppers top tend to be mixing while using additional move. The current air cushioning offers enhanced the current balance associated with back heel. AJ14 laces nonetheless being used utilizing a jumpman logo design steel. The actual numbers from Back heel as well as single tend to be twenty three (Jordan s jacket quantity), 6 (the current 6 tournament events), 15 (Atmosphere The nike jordan XV), some of or seventeen (Jordan s birthday celebration).


The first thing you need to do: rest and liquid diet. There is a wide variety of foods to which recourse from that body begins to accept solid foods. You must not resort to medication. The news about gastrointestinal infections are bacterial (e. coli, salmonella) or viral (enterovirus), have begun to fill pages of newspapers in recent weeks. Some, such as salmonella, become real threats to health each summer. From Consumer proposed a series of tips for those suffering from an infection of this type (whose symptoms range from sudden nausea, urge to vomit and diarrhea, stomach discomfort, weakness and malaise and, sometimes, fever).

In principle, the dietary treatment in all cases of gastroenteritis is simple: rest, fasting, astringent, no fiber diet abundant in liquids (apart from water are advisable isotonic drinks or) oral serum). Liquid diet: different solutions must begin with complete rest and a liquid diet since the first moment without recourse to drugs (except if required to lower the fever). You should drink plenty of fluids to help eliminate the germs from the body and at the same time, prevent dehydration. Water with lemon (there is more enjoyable than water alone to whom), digestive or relaxing (Chamomile, fennel, lemon balm, tila or lemon verbena) infusions, fruit without pulp juices, oral serum or isotonic drinks are some options. If the nausea and digestive discomfort persist, it helps take small sips of soft drink without gas.

First solids as they disappear vomiting and diarrhoea may pass to the intake of foods such as yogurt with Bifidobacterium. You should choose a diet of astringent character and without residue (without fiber). To reduce the amount of fiber you should choose to avoid vegetables, fruits, legumes, dried fruits, dried fruits and whole grain products (muesli, bread, rice, pasta). It is also advisable to increase the amount of foods rich in pectin, a soluble fiber with astringent cto: Apple grated and obscured (rusty), cooked PEAR, mashed boiled potatoes, quince and ripe banana. Foods with astringent properties: the tannins are a few compounds in certain plants and fruits (especialente in Apple and Quince) with anti-inflammatory properties and dried and diminish the intestinal mucosa. Type breakfast menu: one or two yogurts fat with Bifidobacterium and a reposado tea (at least 3 minutes). Apple or roasted Apple Compote. Lunch: toasted bread smeared with quince, abundant liquid (tea, water, isotonic drink). Food: white rice with pumpkin, carrots and onion. Chicken breast grilled with lemon. Toasted bread and digestive infusion. Snack: toasted bread with banana. Yogurt with Bifidobacterium. Dinner: soup with carrot and Leek semolina. Ham omelette. Toasted bread and digestive infusion.