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Sunshine State Florida

In addition to sunshine clear blue water, beautiful beaches and numerous attractions waiting for us who goes through life alone and single, must not abandon that’s why a vacation in Nice company. One way is the single round trip, which now even Florida in the United States can be explored together. A great way to be able to escape the gray winter to get new impressions, Sun and energy in Germany. Long beaches, deep blue waters, and exciting attractions. Florida, key West, Orlando and Ford Myers invite to visit. Explore the area in the group under the leadership of a tour guide. The hotels were booked in the Middle so that the trip for nearly every budget can be experienced. The Kennedy Space Center is abducted to a journey of the mind into the world of everything, a ride on an airboat in the Fod Myers takes place precisely farm on a crocodile, so excitement and fascination are guaranteed and for connoisseurs, a wine tasting takes place also.

Additional packages are available locally, here everyone can Single round trip decide for example learn to mix a Mojito or want to enjoy the salsa course on-site. All targets are controlled with an air-conditioned coach, so the guests can enjoy the comfort. Every single can decide tour during the single, rather to want to stay or would like to make contacts with other nice people but. The sequence of single tour is designed so that sufficient time remains which can plan every man for himself. So time for swimming and relaxing is so that before all new impressions the rest not too short.

Who found fallen on the sunny Miami tour at the end of the single, you can book several days in the hotel. About the Agency: The Organizer Sunwave.de organizes trips for singles & friends. Singles and solo travelers find travel with culture, wellness, sports and culinary topics. The wide range includes winter as summer trips, city breaks or full year trips and single events. The Special all travel is a homogeneous initial structure of the old and a balance between male and female participants. Sunwave.de attaches great importance to the quality of the travel. The core components of each trip are an attractive price-performance ratio. More information, visit Sunwave.de contact: Sunwave Gruppenreisen GmbH pot Twiete 19 21029 Hamburg Tel.

Lisa Neumann University

Guest on the banks of the Danube River numerous thermal baths and magnificent medieval castles: these are the attractions, draw the visitor in the Hungarian capital in its spell. As reported online travel agency ab-in-den-urlaub.de, enchants its guests Budapest increasingly and rightly deserves the sobriquet of Paris of the East”. The Romans and Turks fully appreciate the city on the Danube due to its numerous hot springs and built several spas that have been fed by them. Today, these baths open their doors for the guests. Gain insight and clarity with Jim Hackett. At its best, it relaxes probably in the bathroom Gellert with its magnificent Art Nouveau backdrop. Outside the bathrooms offers of historic buildings stunning the visitors in Budapest.

Especially the old Castle District on the Buda side of the Danube River is popular with the guests. Buda and pest combines the famous chain bridge, the town’s landmark and one of the nine bridges which span the Danube. In addition to waiting for the Hungarian capital with three UNESCO World Heritage sites: the Castle Hill, the Riverside of the Danube and the Andrassy Avenue. Another good reason for travelers to spend a vacation in Budapest, is the famous Hungarian cuisine. Seductive desserts such as pancakes and delicious strudel roundtrip goulash and paprika chicken. And nowhere else, the famous life of Hungary can be experience as well as in the clubs and pubs of their capital.

The Best Hotels In Croatia

Croatia erleben-Kie of best hotel deals in Croatia Croatia most hotels offer to their guests a relaxing atmosphere and a lot of fun. For most tourists, it is important that is the hotel close to the Centre and that it be offered plenty of opportunities for entertainment. Especially for families, a good care and maintenance of their children is important. Hotels in Croatia must also have good animation, good food, good service and clean room. And the most important fact that must be offered, is a fair price. One of the hotels in Croatia, one of the Favorites for the tourists seems to be, is the Hotel Laguna Istra, which has 192 rooms and is only 5 km away from the center of the capital city of Croatia. Also requires a few steps to the sea, where beautiful beaches. If you sign up, breakfast and dinner, drinks and a lunch in the price are included.

What Hotel Laguna Istra also a swimming pool for adults and children. There are many Options sports press to enjoy also the evening: the hotel has its own restaurant and a bar, where live music is played in the evening like the one time or another, also a dance takes place. Many clubs and bars are also immediately placed next to the hotel by the sea. Who would like to book a hotel in Croatia, offers the wellness or beauty programme, the Falkensteiner Hotel is the best place for wellness and so on. The rooms are relatively expensive and it’s not as family friendly as the Hotel Laguna Istra, but it has a lot of possibilities to relax and enjoy. Different hot tubs, massage or sauna create a more than comfortable feeling. This hotel is the best place to really enjoy of your stay, but not a good place for wanting to enjoy the night life. There are also a few restaurants and bars, and the hotel has its own bar and a restaurant, but the Falkensteiner Hotel is a quiet, peaceful place to calm not to experience something.

There are a lot more hotels in Croatia, the different Provide opportunities to enjoy the stay. It is always important to have a closer look at what guests are saying, that already have been in this place to throw. Therefore, many Internet sites offer a forum with many reports about different experiences. Here pros and cons of the hotels can be compared and weighed, so that you easily can decide at the end of the perfect hotel in Croatia. Zlatko Daniel

Tour Operator SNP – Skiing And Active Winter Holiday. We Work

The resort of Borovets in Bulgaria has been known since 1896, in the XIX century was a hunting base for the Bulgarian kings. Today Borovets is famous for its ski slopes, there is often going skiing. Borovets Located at an altitude of 1350 meters above sea level, making it an excellent place for a truly healthy holiday. The climate will please many sunny days. In Borovets represented all categories of trails – from easy and shallow slopes, perfectly suited to those who first decided to try skiing, to the dizzying and difficult slopes that will be done only by the most experienced athletes.

There are three main ski areas: Sitnyakovo – Martinovi barracks, and Yastrebets Markudzhik. Highest point – 2543 m Vertical drop – 1193 m 16 ski lifts, total capacity of which – 11 250 people per hour. Total length of prepared pistes – 50 km: Beginner – 29% slopes, medium difficulty – 62% and 9% of complex. The longest descent – 6 km. 9 of snow cannons. 2 jump.

10 rental stations. Cross-country skiing – 18 km. toboggan. Trails for biathlon. Many writers such as celebrity trainer offer more in-depth analysis. In Borovets ski school operates well-known, where he works nearly 200 highly qualified instructors. Including a children's hospital for children from 4 years of age. Experts call the following features Bulgarian ski resort Borovets – Resort is suitable for beginners and middle-mountain skiers skiing;-Good service;-affordable prices, lack of language barrier;-ideal conditions for learning skating. And those who can not imagine my life without mountains, romantic, extreme, but do not want to leave behind abroad, we invite you to travel to Dombai, which is primarily known as a ski center, although its potential as a summer resort climate is great. Village Dombay-one of the most well-known Russian ski resorts. As the number of sunny days and the healing properties of pure air Dombay surpasses many internationally renowned ski resorts. Old-timers say that every year New Year's Eve is always easy fluffy snow. Dombai clearing is part of the Teberdinsky State Reserve. District Teberda – Dombai is at an altitude 1300 – 1630m. Due to air saturated with pine nectar, sunny days and Mineral sources, the district Teberda and Dombai considered Russia's best mountain resort. Average temperature is -5 degrees Celsius. In the winter Dombai – for skiers. Trails of varying difficulty – for beginners and experienced. Snow Depth cover is sometimes 3 feet. The slopes are wide, devoid of excessive slope. If you stood on skiing for the first time, the experienced instructors will help you learn the basics of skiing. In the box there is always skiing equipment. For free-raiders set of "unbroken" virgin land, recently developed, Xia heli-ski: a helicopter tourists with an instructor, delivered to the top of the slope, and then pick up after the descent. Amazing impression! Based on materials from sites:,

Cobra Guests

The luxury resort in Central Viet Nam with a versatile range of children devoted to its smallest guests, mixing with the activities for adults not boring may also the smallest guests whether Vietnamese lessons, yoga on the beach or cooking becoming adults at the Nam Hai. Here, children can learn Vietnamese from four years and test their newly acquired knowledge at first conversations with locals in the resort and the surrounding area. Lessons of let’s speak Vietnamese”is performed by qualified child carers and parents are welcome to accompany their offspring together to go to school with them. Besides first language tests, the young guests can be also active and participate in the yoga class on the beach with MOM or dad. The Yoga master playing teach them positions such as the sun salutation, looking down dog or the Cobra and thus trained their motor skills, dexterity and concentration in the spectacular scenery of the sea. A participation is accompanied by an adult seven years possible. “Happy laughing children is also available at the conical has painting”, painting courses, where traditional Vietnamese hats with water colors are painted are.

All activities are included in the price, in which up to ten children can participate. The Nam Hai is known in addition to family-friendliness for its excellent authentic Vietnamese cuisine, which inpetto has a varied offer even for the smaller gourmets among the tourists. Together with the New Zealand Chef Richard Wilson, large and small guests can admire the hotel’s exotic herb garden during the cooking course and collect ingredients of Lemon Basil and coriander. Accompanied by their parents, children may make their first steps in the kitchen from eight years and watch the chef on the finger. A private cooking lesson will cost 55 USD + 15 percent service charge and tax (about 42 EUR + 15 per cent), in the group, guests pay USD 45 + 15 percent service charge and tax (approximately 35 EUR + 15 percent). Children up to 12 Years pay only half of the price. The Nam Hai Hoi an is located half an hour south of Danang, Vietnam’s fourth largest city. It includes 60 villas and 40 pool villas are equipped with up to five bedrooms.

The resort includes three infinity pools, an award-winning Spa and a gourmet restaurant. Three UNESCO World Heritage sites are located in the immediate vicinity of the resort, the beach section Hoi an beach is one of the most beautiful in the country. About GHM – General Hotel Management Ltd. The Nam Hai is run by the Asian hotel management company General Hotel Management Ltd (GHM) based in Singapore. Founded in 1992 by Adrian Zecha and Hans Jenni, GHM is market leader for the development and management of stylish luxury hotels. All the houses are individually designed, elements of the country and have a particular design.

The Getaway – Perfect Stress Killer

It in everyday life once again goes up and down, a short vacation can be very helpful! If it’s again time very stressful and a deadline chasing the next, it is time to rest a bit. This is underestimated lately, what clearly can be seen in the increasing number of burnout syndrome. However, if the next holiday is still away or even used up, there is only one solution. The getaway. A long weekend in a beautiful spa hotel or a few days at the beach at the sea can do wonders. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Cindy Crawford has to say. You can gather strength again to start again in a professional or private life. All that is there now at top prices that you can afford.

Beautiful getaway close to all! A short vacation can be also affordable, you should fall back on cheap deals and bargains on the Internet. Here you can find very nice Getaways in our neighbouring countries, such as Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Italy. According as you like can you between Spa and wellness, a Select introductory culinary, travel or a sporting holiday. But also interesting trips, where you can discover much new on offer can be found there. The choices for those sites is endless. At the aforementioned destinations, travel with the vehicle or a cheap flight is particularly cost-effective and practical. Decide for whether you want to have included food or will cater for yourself and your family. Getaway for the whole family! Do you prefer travel alone or with your family? Do you have a dog? Everything no problem, because the choice of accommodation is simply enormous.

Pets are likely to be a problem in most accommodations. Many offer free even the stay of a child. You want to invite friends, acquaintances or belong to a large family? There are enough houses, where enough space for up to 14 people! Usually a playground is provided to children, while the adults can play sports or relax at a barbecue. Cheap short break booked quickly and easily! You can book your short break easily and conveniently from home. You simply select your destination with accommodation, provide the necessary information and can accept right after payment your voucher, which guarantees you up to 50% discount on the summer vacation! Only Pack, don’t forget the coupon and nothing in the way of the perfect getaway! Now look at our numerous offers and find your relaxing getaway today! offers many capabilities and helps you to decide on your next stay!

Get Out Into The Fresh Air! Nature Provides Relaxation And Well-being

Hiking through the Woods, breathe in the fresh mountain air or feel the spray of the sea on the skin: many city people are cut off from nature in their everyday lives and yearn for such time-outs in the Greens. This need is reflected in the desire for natural products, from food to cosmetics and spa treatments. Michael Abdo wiper, Managing Director of the hotel cooperation wellness hotels & resorts, explains this desire: genuine, real experiences in and with nature allow us to just be ourselves. Who, for example, carefully goes across a meadow, feel the Earth under your feet and smell the fresh grass, who remembers how quickly the everyday stress disappears. Studies have shown that 5 minutes in the Greens that much lower stress level. More and more people realize that. You feel how well it does, to record again in contact with nature and its healing powers.” Therefore, even mud baths and mud wraps are booming with their healing and nourishing effects. If legs and belly slowly in the warm mud bath sink, a feeling of lightness and pleasant warmth spreads throughout the body.

Body and soul come to rest, the organism is strengthened and maintained the skin. The Felke therapy, the clay bath is captured in a foxhole in the open (if the weather permits it). Then the clay in the fresh air on the body is dry left and then something abgerubbel, what looks like a scrub. The circulation is placed at the subsequent rinsing of the remaining clay. A spa special experience for all the senses.

Stand now in the summer activities in the fresh air, such as running, biking, hiking and, of course, everything that takes place in and on the water, high in the course. Rightly so, because movement outdoors makes better mood and has a larger recovery factor than work-outs in enclosed spaces. And it puts nature back more into our consciousness. “Not without reason, a natural environment is therefore one of the quality criteria which we make at this Spa Hotel”, explains Michael Old wiper. So guests have the opportunity on the sea, on a Lake, to experience nature at sports or relaxation in the mountains or a spacious park.” “More info and all the quality-certified wellness tree” you can find excellent hotels at:. Press contact: Sam leather spokeswoman.

HELIOS Hospital Group

Baltic Sea emphasizes the identification of employees resort damp with renaming promotes ongoing reorientation of the company location and company name, guests and suppliers for the Baltic Sea resort damp alike”, so Ralf Germer, Managing Director of Baltic Sea resort damp GmbH, formerly damp Touristik GmbH. Because nothing will change except the name: the line remains in the hands of Manager Ralf Germer and the Baltic of resort damp GmbH continues HELIOS Hospital Group headquartered in Berlin. The wide range of tourist services for families, best agers, health tourists, wellness – and Conference guests as well as the consistent orientation of the site to the needs of the tourist market in General and innovations related all that reliably continued, just under the Baltic Sea resort damp GmbH. the name change in the Baltic Sea resort damp GmbH is the logical step towards a successful future of the site, and which a new spelling Alignment with the sister hotel Allgau resort”in bad Gronenbach, so Germer. The continuity of the seaside resort damp, coupled with new dynamics, to provide an exceptionally high level of service the guest these values reflected unmistakable in the new name and a new design of brochures, price lists, and the new website from mid-July”, Germer about the successful company and accompanying changes of corporate presence forward. Even before the name change was introduced a new logo and created the basis for a new corporate design.

“In the logo, which reflects the diversity of the Baltic Sea resort damp and the signature HELIOS holidays & health” demonstrates the uniform connectedness of the location damp with tourism and medicine. Across the Baltic Sea of resort damp GmbH with an average of 360,000 overnight visitors per year that is the Baltic Sea of resort damp one of the largest providers of leisure in Schleswig-Holstein. The resort has more than 2,000 beds and offers a spa and sauna area guests and visitors on 4000 square metres as well as a Conference and Congress Centre. Also, a yourself & Sports Center with its own indoor Beach Hall is available for leisure activities as well as various restaurants. The cottage area for a two-digit million range is extensive revitalised since November 2012. 136 Houses are renovated and modernised by October 2013.

Also, 71 new holiday homes are created until then. With an investment volume of EUR 13.5 million the municipality of damp builds until the spring of 2014 a new Explorer bath”, which in the future of the Baltic Sea resort damp is operated.

UNESCO World Heritage

The seekers knows where he can best relax the family looks with children in the travel brochures off – and online holiday resorts, resorts and club facilities, which have plenty of room for child-friendly leisure, fun, sports – animation and childcare facilities. However, just married couples with children are not enthusiastic when they on vacation constantly by equally large families are surrounded, hence pay attention to retreat to! (1) The seekers knows where he’s best, relax on a quiet stretch of beach, on a mountain hut, or on a South Seas island, just far away. At time of booking of the neighbourhood should read carefully the description of the environment – an “aspiring resort” promises construction sites a “feisty” Rummel, a “fun-oriented evening culture” riot or a “promenade popular with tourists” sleep until well after midnight. (2) The family with children looking in the travel brochures off – and online holiday resorts, holiday villages and Club facilities, which have plenty of room for child-friendly leisure, fun, sports – animation and childcare facilities. However, just married couples with children are not enthusiastic when they on vacation constantly by equally large families are surrounded, hence pay attention to retreat to! (3) Senior and junior are usually very different, but also very specific needs.

Often, it is however underestimated how much stimulation, variety and entertainment plus wishes the audience of 65 and overestimated how much excitement and bustle the boys. Plenty of room for alternatives remains between the sheltered senior residence on Tenerife and the youth summer camp in Sweden. (4) The culture freak is everywhere in the world at home, where there are to visit UNESCO World Heritage, and to marvel at national characteristics. His compulsory program includes educational tours in the Valley of the Kings, after Crete, Asia minor, to the Incas and Aztecs, to the Taj Mahal, in remote Indian reservations or to St. Petersburg. He shy away from long tours nor bumpy Bus trips through the Bush and is perfectly happy if he finds enough time for photos.

(5) The wellness friend looking for amenities. He wants to bathe in soft water, surrounded by Marsh, of tender fingers kneaded and pampered with curative applications. With a single sauna room he is no longer satisfied, since already a lavish spa, an adventure pool, and a beauty club must be. (6) The adventurous climbs the Kilimandjaro, makes climbing in the Dolomites, runs through the desert on foot and goes kayaking under the Victoria falls. He could kill for the thrill to the remains of the Titanic to abzutauchen! He left unbound, he needs pure adrenaline.

TTline Golf Packages

Here is aufgeteet: golf vacations with TT-Line golf in southern Sweden: new TT-Line golf packages include ferry, accommodation and green fees for top-class golf courses New to TT-line: golf packages in South Sweden ferry, accommodation and green fees for top – rated golf courses from 295 No additional costs for golf equipment on Board of TT-line “Golfing paradise in Skane: top Greens playable until October Hamburg/Travemunde, August 2012 – hole-in-one” for all golf holiday in Sweden: TT-Line offers new golf packages that include the ferry, hotel accommodation in the region of Skane and green fee at selected excellent golf courses (www.ttline.com/ de/Germany/travel deals on land/Golf /). The Golf Leisure has the choice between city or country golf package. “In the four star City Hotel Radisson Blu Hotel Malmo” the top offer from 386 euro in single room or 582 euro in a double room (price for two people) can be booked. In the individual country hotel Notesjo costs the package from 295 in single and 465 euro in a double room (price for two people). The arrival in the golfing paradise in southern Sweden is done easily and quickly with the TT-Line ferries () from Travemunde or Rostock.

The golf bags and trolleys remain conveniently stowed in the car while you enjoy the amenities on board or spend a good night’s sleep. Sauna and fitness room, Jacuzzi, sundeck, cinema and restaurant and panorama are bar available on the premium ferries Nils Holgersson and Peter Pan from Travemunde. “The new TT-Line Golf offers City Golf Package Malmo golf in the city who would like to combine a Malmo city trip and golf vacation, the TT-Line offers with its new golf package nights in the cool metropolis on the oresund: included In the package is the simple TT-Line Ferry with car transport, accommodation at the 4-star Radisson Blu Hotel Malmo” with breakfast and dinner, green fees in the Bokskogen Golf Club, as well as lunch at the club restaurant.