Size of the project
‘The ability to design or theoretical Installed: 30,500,000 people.
“The ability of the system: the maximum output of our system is 30 million people but can be more if we add more records to our server to increase its storage capacity by the time this contract service.
‘Actual capacity: our expected average is 11,000,000 people.
“The ability employed or used: our maximum output that could occur is 40 million people since, according to DANE is the total of the Colombian people who used our service through other companies.
“Idle capacity: is 30 million.
With respect to the slack speaks of two concepts:
‘Margin of usable capacity: Of 19,000,000 (30.000.000-11.000.000)
‘Headroom: 19,500,000 (30.500.000-11.000.000)

Project Location
With approximately 44.2 million people, Colombia is the third most populous country in Latin America and 28 in the world.
Given this figure of DANE and that in this country has not yet been implemented too the use of holographic technology we decided to launch our services giving us a high percentage of success as national service and to be specific begin in the capital city is Bogota besides that this project is conducted in Bogota and we would be easier to start with this territory that in addition to funding sources that support us are in this country.
In the future national success and we would begin to distribute our products and services to the U.S..
Another option would be internationalized countries Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela, member countries of the Andean Community – CAN and Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, the MERCOSUR countries.
2.2.3 Production Process
a. estimate costs with suppliers (102Technology).
b. check raw material.
c. Bring raw material from the country.
d. verify and enter raw material inventory.
e. negotiate with client companies.
f. Making the service contract and prices.
g. product inventory in service.
h. Assign staff for installation.
i. Director of Emigrant Savings Bank from 1992 to 2003 ,