Tenerife health Chronology

Tenerife health Chronology The health care began in Tenerife in the conquest period itself, as crews under the command of Castilian Fernandez de Lugo stated health care as a result of traumatic processes that produced the war, and even disease that arose in the course of it. Later in the Agreements of the Cabildo of Tenerife and in the Chapter Acts of 1497 the City of La Laguna, there are different reviews on the hiring of services of various trade professionals, doctors, surgeons, physicians or pharmacists, among others . Not until the year 1507 when the first burst clinics and hospitals on the island. In this sense one can cite the Hospital of St. Mary of Mercy Hospital in Antigua or St. Josyann Abisaab Augustine and the Hospital of St. Sebastian, all stationed in the town of La Laguna. Then, in 1515 joined the former Hospital of Our Lady of Sorrows.In the early sixteenth century was established in La Orotava the Hospital of the Holy Trinity, while in Ecuador of the century were founded Hospital of the Conception of Icod and Garachico. The creation of the first hospital in Santa Cruz de Tenerife not arrive until two centuries later, when he stood the Hospital of Our Lady of the Abandoned in 1745. This hospital would lead eventually to the old Civil Hospital. Then in 1777 he built the Palace of the Captaincy General de Canarias, Plaza Weyler, the Military Hospital and in 1784 the Hospice of San Carlos in the plot that subsequently occupy the barracks. In 1842 he established the House of Mercy, while in 1849 did the House of Orphans and Abandoned.Since then no one can speak of new hospitals until the second half of the twentieth century, where economic advances, new technologies, and a long list of factors make it open in Tenerife two major tertiary hospitals such as Hospital Our Lady of Candelaria University (established 1966) and the same Hospital Universitario de Canarias (1971)