The Blood

I ran a cup of coffee, mineral water and returned to the queue. Managed to just the latter. After me no one is allowed. Nurse (or doctor) has long tried to measure my blood pressure. But, apparently, could not detect it. She has a very old and ragged meter, ought to give it new. Found or not, but that she was tired, plus it was necessary to curb the onslaught of those who wish to become donors, who did not donate blood.

And it already under the car windows was – where it was necessary that blood or something else ship. Put on a gown and shoe covers. I tied up his hand, lay down on the couch, hand out the window. Vein for me, fortunately – not even an intern does not miss. For the ideal donor. All the blood went. There, behind a window, a nurse and everything is sterile. By this side, near my couch, another nurse.

Watching me, so as not to "drove off" talks. Both have suspected something, obviously. Blood is slow. Yes, and my view of them seems slightly pricked. I usually bruises under his eyes, but I zapudrila them. A blood must pass exactly 350 grams, or less, no more, otherwise the count damaged goods. Asked: "Girl, you at least something to drink in the morning? And anyway, you do not have to pass "- somehow conclude. Yes, saw. And we should. I'm so necessary. If I did not come as a similar operation? Donors often promised, but do not come.