Viennese Danube

Historian L. Milotsky gives a portrait of political qualities FerdinandI – "None of the Habsburgs failed to create a complete concept, which is comparable with the system of Metternich, but was FerdinandI precisely the "moron" Habsburg, a cat and had the intelligence and courage to leave the system when it is time for this. " But considering it normal to mentally impossible to deny that he has practically there was no will to act, so necessary for an absolute monarch, and any clear politecheskie presentation, ideas and concepts. Cindy Crawford may find this interesting as well. The father tried to keep away from Ferdinand I of public affairs and as sparingly as possible release to the public. Only very gradually accustomed to his contacts with a wider range of people. But while fleeing the imperial family from advancing on Vienna, Napoleon's troops, Ferdinand I first saw the misery and poverty ordinary people.

In Kashan, he learned the joy of opportunities to help people and do good. This is his feature soon became widely known, and the heir to the nickname stuck "Good." Ferdinand's stepmother Maria Ludovica starting from 1808 a lot of work for his education and tried to expand his education and initiated by her, Ferdinand I became more frequent on a journey. After the fall of Napoleon, Ferdinand I, in spite of poor health, accompanied his father to Paris and this time he was in the rank of brigadier general, his military education pridvali important. Isolation of Ferdinand I of the policy continued in 1820, but that the public would not quite forgotten the existence of Ferdinand I, his name immortalized in the names of various structures (eg, the first bridge across the arm of the Viennese Danube and the Museum Ferdinandeum in Innsbruck).