Weight Loss

A diet makes you lose weight, but at the time of completing it or leave it, your body not only recovers the lost weight but can also earn extra, this is called the effect yoyo and is very common in the diets. The only way not to regain the weight lost is a change of lifestyle. To achieve in life such a drastic change as your eating habits, you need help and a very easy, safe and economic way, it is a gastric bypass. This surgery involves the reduction of the stomach by means of laparoscopy, i.e. a small incision that represents a lesser risk.

Gastric bypass is one minor surgery, which represents a minimal risk compared to the gain. Thanks will be reduced anatomically the stomach, is a change of life style automatic, reducing hunger and cravings. This gives as a result a loss of body fat and weight relatively fast, of course without affecting your health. The difference between diet and gastric bypass surgery becomes clear to notice a change in the style of life, specifically on eating habits, already that while in the diet are forcing your mind and your body to eat what say you that you eat, the exact amounts for a time specific, which becomes extremely long in making the diet. In Mexico we have a variety of doctors specialists in the stomach area, which can ensure you the success of gastric bypass and you as a patient safety.