Current IQudo study to the ideas in the workplace. The Produkdesigner Philippe Stark develops his ideas in the bed. A Chair he draws in 10 minutes, a gazes hotel on a weekend. Also our study finding the idea: the best ideas come while relaxing or in the traffic, but not in the workplace. 94.6% of the interviewees had their best ideas not in the works. In the workplace they are stressed, distracted or their creativity is suppressed unwelcome or even by the corporate management. The result amazed, because in times of financial constraints, product life cycles are verkurzender and global competition, creativity at work is more in demand than ever.

Where come from ideas and why not in the company? This question prompted IQudo – academy for creative to create intelligence a study on the formation of ideas. In March and April 2010, 534 workers aged between 18-65, on the subject of creativity and brainstorming were interviewed in downtown Stuttgart. Whether in the shower or in the bath (13.5%), whether in bed or on the sofa (12.1%) or respondents are on the WC (9.9%) – creative at home. Also in the movement, while jogging (7.1%), walk (6.7%), generally (5%) or bicycle sport (3.6%) experience their creative high many respondents. However, only 6.4% of the interviewees in the workplace for their ideas. The main reason for the creative depression at work was 36.7% of cases: Stress. This in turn is followed by distraction by colleagues or boss (23.5%). Also, a surprisingly high number of respondents (14.2%) stated that their creativity was undesirable and brainstorming boss was.

9.3% said that their work would be simply no fun and they were therefore not resourceful. Lack of creativity is a problem of leadership. Many companies are facing a dilemma: on the one hand they need to solidify their market position and to develop innovative products, on the other hand, hardly an employee in the workplace is creative.