Yuzhakov White

Smoky Yuzhakov may have white ends of the feet and the tip of the tail end of the muzzle, chest, but in this case, the less white the better. At smoky undercoat Color Class should be light gray, without any admixture of yellow or brown. With smoky Color Class can not be a white head in Yuzhakov. But, experts say, fawn and reddish dogs are always on the Metis. Very rare white dog with a beautiful dark blue undercoat, but they look pure white.

White color varies from pure white and yellow to off-white: pure white dogs are more frequent in the autumn after the molt or winter, but slightly yellowish fur is peculiar to them in late summer, provided that the dog is not fed with fatty food. Stall Yuzhakov "yellow" in June. The dogs, which often bathe (including in the river) wool yellower than those who never do not swim, but only combed. According to the experts site Ovchar.org in the article "purebred South Russian Shepherd Dog", "at an off-white Color Class coarse guard hairs (mainly on the ridge) have a dark ending. Such color obtained in adult dogs that are months old had a "blue" light smoke (silver) color. Sometimes a winter on his back near the rump undercoat becomes the lead-gray color, which is then disappears, and the undercoat is white again. The same light-gray spot (only in the roots of the hair) sometimes in the middle of the forehead in puppies under one year. Wool cover in young dogs whiter than adults, and a smoky dogs vice versa, but every year a dog brightens up to an off-white.