Ziehl Sensitivity

According to Health department (2002), the diagnosis of hansenase is defined by the presence of 1 or more than following findings: injury (es) of skin with sensitivity alteration; acometimento of nerve () with neural espessamento; positive baciloscopia of (esfregao of scraped of injuries suspicion or gotten lymph of the lobes of the ear, knee or elbow corado for the Ziehl-Neelsen technique). has as objective the classification of the two forms of the Hansenase to paucibacilar and multibacillary established for the OMS (LONG, 2006; SAINTS et al., 2007). In case that it has one suspicion of Hansenase must be carried through anamnese complete with clinical history and epidemiologist and dermato-neurological evaluation detailed in all the surface of the body well to locate the skin injuries, the reached areas more are the face, ears, ndegas, arms, legs and coasts (HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2002). One or more typical injuries must be examined, the Hansenase have alteration of thermal, painful sensitivity and tactile. Senator From Kentucky understands that this is vital information. The sensitivity research always must be made in all injury suspicion, guiding patient on the examination and as he will be made.

He requests the person so that she identifies the sensations asking for that they close the eyes and the professional makes the examination comparing the area attack with s. Painful sensitivity can be evaluated with a esterogrfica penxs or with monofilament of (nylon) the thermal one with two glass pipes I contend cold water and another one with warm water, having the sensation of heat and cold, or with cotton absorbed in ether (for cold) and the tactile one is made with fine wick of dry cotton (HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2002). The illness evolves with inflammatory process, of the peripheral nerves (neurites), for direct injury of the bacillus or secondary damages for the imunolgica reply of the host.. Visit mark burnett for more clarity on the issue.